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6 Conclusion

There are some simple and logical next-step experiments that one could conduct to further study the validity of this new theory. Because the diallel lines are bent by a high energy density, these bent diallel lines define the local vertical. This bending could be easily detected with an plumb-bob device or reflecting mirror and an interferometer. The size of the effect, estimating from the results in table 1 is of the order of 10 microns over a meter. That would be very easy to detect. With the capacitor bank, it would be easy to charge and discharge it as well as study proportionalities. The fifth power force field dependence could be studied, for example. If this fifth power force field dependence is a valid model of nature, then this opens up a whole new area of research as well.

Because of the importance of errors that have been found in space orbit determinations, studying the weight change predicted by this new theory could be very important. This could well explain the "extra tug" apparently observed in some space probe data [Anderson, Katz, Murphy]. A simple balance scale with a capacitor bank on one side could be constructed. Again, an interferometer could be used to detect changes in the weight with energy-density changes. The new theory would predict these to be, also, in the part per million range. As the energy-density increases, the body would appear to weigh more.

We have learned much in performing this research program, and we have designed a web site [] to assist those interested as best we can to continue the research. There is a great deal to be done, and the theory has many important application opportunities. We are only in the infancy of understanding how the fifth force field works, but what little we know is very exciting. We look forward to working with other colleagues as we see more insights and understanding of this new theory come forth.  


7 Acknowledgments

We deeply appreciate the several people who have supported this experiment, who have shared ideas, and who have loaned equipment. We wish to acknowledge the excellent work of the team at the University of Alaska working on the "blue jets and red sprites" project and who have been willing to let us use some of their results. Dr. Leonard S. Cutler of Agilent Technologies suggested the use of a battery as a high energy-density source, and was helpful in many other discussions about the paper. Figure 1 was prepared by Kevn Lambson. Tom Park did the electrical wiring and loaned us the transformer. Korry Hoover of Mullett-Hoover in Provo, Utah loaned us the two very lovely pendulum clocks. We are grateful to Jeannette and Bill Colbert and to Shelli and Bruce Owen for supplying very useful research information for the paper. Vince Newmeyer provided technical support, and Jerry Beck provided some shielding material. Several people have provided critical reviews of the paper, and we are indebted to them: Edna Allan, Sterling Allan, and Ranae Lee -- all of Utah.

Korry Hoover and David Allan
Korry Hoover and David Allan


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University of Alaska has published several papers on "red sprites and blue jets."


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