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Unified Field Theory
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Nuclear power plant steam emmissions going straight up for several hunderd feet before dispersing in other directions

High-velocity, high-energy steam containing charged particles exuding from nuclear power plant follows up gravitational diallel lines before dispersing.

"On a still, cold day the plume rises thousands of feet straight up in a straight line before it dissipates and spreads out."

-- Conrad Spencer
Production Manager
Cholla Plant for Arizona Public Service

King Nuclear Explosion

The nuclear reaction in a nuclear explosions emit high-energy particles and photons which follow diallel gravitational lines creating the column blast shape.

Setting eggs on end

The servo which keeps eggs standing on end and withstanding  minor perturbations arises from electrons flowing along diallel lines resonating in the shell cavity.

Sprites and Jets (lightning distending upward from clouds) evidence diallel lines, being a function of the energy density.

Close-up Sun flares

Sun spot level can be estimated from this new Unified Field Theory

The aurora and their brighter appearance in the North versus South explained with this new UFT


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