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What is Causing Increased Solar Flare Activity?

Solar Flare (courtesy

Predicts solar surge during the June
Jupiter and Saturn alignment max.

For immediate release
June 9, 2000
Allan's T.I.M.E.


A powerful X-class solar flare erupted on June 7 at 15:30 UT, and its emissions are arriving at the earth as this is being written. These emissions could interfere with communication systems and trigger geomagnetic storms.

Understanding why sun spot cycles occur, as well as the ability to predict them with long-term accuracy, has remained until now a fundamentally unsolved problem for solar system astrophysics. Short-term predictions are being pursued vigorously by others with success as careful observations of the current activity on the sun are integrated into these prediction techniques.

A new unified field theory (UFT) being developed both provides an explanation for the root cause of solar activity — including flares — in both the short-term and the long-term. This new UFT also opens an explanation of both cause and prediction of changes of the magnetic fields of the planets as well as that of the sun.

Physicist David W. Allan has set up a website to provide information on this new and radically different way to look at nature: Using this new theory, Allan has shown from data collected over the last century that the gravitational fields and the orientation of the magnetic fields of the planets can be used to derive an estimate of the sunspot level and the magnetic field direction for the sun. Having developed these tools, predictions were made last year for the year 2000, and so far they have been quite accurate.

modeled sunspot
data over the last century

modeled sunspot over the last century
click here for enlargement
sunspot data from 1983 through Aug. 1999, predicted forward through end of 2000
sunspot data 1983 through aug. 1999, predicted forward through end of 2000
click here for enlargement

For example, we are now approaching the nearly exact alignment (within about two degrees) of Jupiter and Saturn with respect to the sun. This will occur on the 13th of June. According to Allan, "Last year the effects of these positions and magnetic fields of the planets on solar activity were evaluated using the new theory and it was predicted that June would be a time of significantly increased sun spot activity, especially for giant solar flares, which we are now seeing."

Solar activity is not the only phenomenon explained in this new unified field theory. Allan's web site lists many natural and man-made phenomena upon which greater light is shed through this new theory.

One of the most significant discoveries as part of this new theory is the explanation of gravity. It encompasses the existence of diallel, gravitational-field lines. Laboratory experiments have been conducted which show direct evidence of the existence of these diallel lines, radiating outwards in all directions from any mass-energy source in a radial pattern similar to the spines on a hedgehog or sea urchin. Like the electron shells of an atom, these diallel lines have quantum states and provide the conduit for photons, atomic particles, and gravitational energy, and much more. This new theory shows how all the force fields work together.

As another example of how these diallel lines work, since the 1950s astronomers have puzzled over an observed phenomenon in which unusual gravitational observations have been reported during a solar eclipse. Specifically, the orbit rate of a Foucault pendulum, which orbits during its oscillation as a result of the spin of the earth, has been observed to increase slightly during an eclipse as gravitational intensity on the surface of the earth undergoes an unusual change. Allan states: "This observation can be explained by this new Unified Field Theory. In the new theory there is a mechanism showing how an energy flow magnification occurs as one set of diallel lines are brought into alignment with another set of diallel lines, which occurs during solar eclipses."

"In the case of our solar system, the magnetic field coupling along with the gravitational field coupling are proving to be much more important than classical physics would have estimated. During solar maximum, the magnetic fields of the various planets provide a sufficient degree of mutual alignment with the sun’s magnetic field to allow the electron flow from the sun to the planets to approach its maximum rate. The diallel lines between the sun and its planets provide the flow channel for these electrons and also for photons and other atomic particles."

In regard to planetary alignment, magnetic field is more important than the distribution of the masses (the relative locations) of the planets. For example, volcanic activity on the earth has been shown to be correlated with the magnetic field of Uranus. The planet Uranus has a very strong magnetic field and its spin axis, different than most of the other planets, is very near its orbital plane. "So the changes in its magnetic field coupling to the earth and to the sun are much more dramatic," says Allan. The changes in the magnetic fields induce changes in the solar emissions from the sun, which in turn potentially affect many things on the earth, such as communication systems, weather systems along with the probability of earthquakes, volcanic activity, and the intensity of our own magnetic field.

A very evident manifestation of these diallel, gravitational-field lines on the earth is observed in how the energy in an atomic blast goes up a column – forming the mushroom cloud observed. "Not only does the energy go up the column along the earth’s diallel, gravitational-field lines, but at the same time it converges down a cone of diallel lines focused at the center of the earth – increasing core heating."

"The coming forth of atomic bombs, atomic testing and of atomic energy has been the main contributor to global warming," says Allan. The increased core heating of the earth has also triggered the increase in the occurrence of other phenomena – including unusual weather systems, increased probability of earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, unusually out of season variant hot and cold, heavy rain and extended drought spells, ozone thinning, etc. According to Allan, "This excessive nuclear activity on the surface of the earth has been the main contributor to this imbalance and has brought about much of the unusual and destructive weather activities on the surface of the earth."

"Our Creator has designed the earth with beautiful and inspiring balances in nature. This new theory shows that when we throw nature out of balance, there are serious consequences. If we will work with these balances, rather than against them, a harmony between the Creator and the created is the natural and very desirable result."

This radically new theory has yet to be published in the open literature, but several manuscripts are in preparation. Those interested in more details may visit the website at where the theory and much of its supporting evidence can be found. "Participation in the investigations and experiments is greatly appreciated," says Allan, as there are huge overtones to this new UFT. Pre-prints of various written articles are available upon request, on a limited basis.

Some extremely interesting experiments are being conducted at the present time. The project website will be the main means of communicating progress and of providing appropriate prepublication details.

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