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"Miracles of Mind" and the New Unified Field Theory

Of special note:
seven spectral bands in these communication channels

Letter to Targ and Katra

To: Russell Targ and Jane Katra

I just finished reading your intriguing book, "Miracles of Mind." Your concise and clear documented evidence of mind connecting to the "infinite," ties in profoundly with our work. I am excited and pleased with what you have published for all to read - to help open them up to this new dimension. I am going to write a book report on your book and place it on our web site,, to encourage others to read this very important contribution to the world's understanding of who we really are. If you wish to know who I am, you can find my bio on our web site, or you can search my name, David W. Allan, on Basically, I am an atomic-clock physicist - having spent 32 years with the Dept. of Commerce, NBS/NIST, in Boulder, Colorado. How we interact with space and time and with each other has always intrigued me, so upon retiring from the government in '92, I commenced research on same and called my company Allan's TIME (Time Interval Metrology Enterprise, Inc.).

To quote from the forward to your book, written by Dr. Larry Dossey, "In the modern era, the belief in the infinite nature of consciousness has been considered illusion at worst or a matter of faith at best. But as Targ and Katra show, it is now a matter of data. And in our culture, in which science is so highly valued, this four-letter word makes an immense difference..

"We thus stand at a landmark period in human history...."

I was also delighted by the a'-propos quotes you used from Einstein: "There are only two ways to live your life: One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is. I believe in the latter." And from David Bohm, "The great strength of science is that it is rooted in actual experience. The great weakness of contemporary science is that it admits only certain types of experience as legitimate." Amen to both.

Several places in your book you mention that you do not know how this mind connection works, but the data give ample evidence of the reality of what you are reporting. Every time I would read this phrase, I would note, "We need to talk!" Not that we understand totally how what you describe works - the physics behind it - but the theory we are working with fits so well. We still feel as babes in the woods, but significant progress is being made.

We have conducted six experiments to date to distinguish the new theory from the traditional scientific view, and have affirmation on all six. A seventh, an extremely important one for communication and navigation systems, is in progress. If you wish, you may read about these at . Also, a very intuitive article about this new theory has been written by my oldest son, Sterling D. Allan (who is also our web master) at 

In summary, we propose the existence of diallel-field lines that emanate from any entity - affording its connection and communication channel with any other entity. Einstein gave us four dimensions with his theories (special and general) of relativity. This new theory requires at least a fifth dimension. So far we have demonstrated the existence of these diallel-field lines and that they have quantum states. We have also shown experimental evidence of the existence of this fifth dimension.

As you know, there are seven basic electron shells that describe the quantum states for the electrons making up all of the known elements. These, nominally, have spherical symmetry. The diallel-field lines, nominally, have cylindrical symmetry and seven communication channels. Interestingly, there are seven spectral bands in these communication channels. Nominally, they may be divided up in generic terms as follows: 1) the communication band (TV, radio, satellite, etc.); 2) the molecular band (coming from quantum transitions outside the nucleus); most of the visible light from the sun is in this band; 3) the nuclear band (coming from quantum transitions inside the nucleus); 4) the creation and/or annihilation band (where E = mc2 as matter and light convert with the emission and/or absorption of cosmic rays; 5) this is nominally the gravitational-field band; 6) this is the band used for mind-to-mind, mind-to-object, mind-to and from-God, ESP, etc.; 7) this is the band used by our great-loving Creator to bring about the grand harmony we see in the heavens and the earth. Bands six and seven are not limited by space and time and the velocity of light, for example, as you have concluded in your book.

As discussed in our papers, there is actually a lot of evidence for these diallel-field lines. Some simple examples are the aurora-borealis for the earth, the aura of an individual, which some can see and as may be scientifically observed using Kirlian photography. The data in your book provide a beautiful example of their existence.

Because of the relevance to this new theory, I have made a study of several peoples near-death experiences. These experiences are of particular interest because they move into this fifth dimension during the NDE. I have become very good friends with some of the authors of books about same, and they have greatly appreciated some scientific explanation for their experiences.

Enough verbosity for the moment. I, with you, am anxious to serve and enlighten. I hope the above helps to show what I see as a very significant overlap between the work you are doing and we are doing.

Best regards,

David W. Allan

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