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UFT Paper Intro Letter

14 February 2000
Dear family, friends and colleagues,

In recent time we have been working on a new theory as part of a chapter in a book that I have been asked to write for John Wiley and Sons. The proposed book title is GPS and Precision Timing Principles: Applications and Opportunities. The chapter on which we are working has to do with gravitational theory, relativity, atomic and astronomical timing events. Some extremely important developments have come forth, and they need to go through peer review and publication before they can be used in the book.

It is a new theory of gravity as well as a unified field theory (UFT) — showing how the force fields (gravity, electromagnetic, the two nuclear and a new fifth dimension force field) work together. A fifth force field is also consistent with this new theory. We are in our infancy in understanding and in learning about this new fifth force field as regards its full potential. This is another reason we are highly motivated to get this material published so that anyone who feels to participate in the development, in the findings and in the numerous and exciting applications of this new UFT may do so.

It has been a very exciting project and we have been working feverishly to get it ready for publication. There are very far reaching benefits to society with the proper application of this new theory. As we have been working on this new UFT, we have been amazed at insights, applications and heretofore unexplained phenomena to which it applies. The following are a few of the several examples we have encountered.

You may have read about the "Space Mystery" problem that NASA JPL has published in recent time in which they discuss an anomalous behavior of some of their space probes. Namely, that the tracked position does not match the theoretical projections based on standard gravitational theory. They have concluded that something may be wrong with our current gravitational theory or with the timing systems. It is as if there is an extra "tug" toward the sun that is un-accounted for in their calculations.

This new gravitational theory gives an explanation for what is observed. We have written a new equation which describes the gravitational force between two objects (the sun and a space probe, for example). The new equation shows that the force is a function of the energy-density of each with the gravitational attraction being communicated along diallel, gravitational field-lines between the two objects at the speed of light. The new theory shows that these diallel lines can be modified and bent due to energy densities that may be present along the path between the two objects.

We designed and conducted an experiment to test this hypothesis. We placed three energy density objects underneath pendula clocks. The three energy density sources were chemical, electrostatic and magnetic. To generate these we used a battery, a set of capacitors and a transformer, respectively. In all three cases, the pendula were slowed in their beat according to the prediction of the theory. For more information see [].

Heretofore, the level of sunspots and when they will occur has basically been a scientific mystery. The sunspot level is very important to us because it affects the earth’s ionosphere, which in turn can impact navigation systems, such as GPS, as well as adversely affect communication systems This new UFT explains both cause and gives a method of predicting the sunspot level. We modeled the cause of the sunspot activity over this century with a standard deviation of 25 counts — which, for those who know this field, is pretty incredible, and we feel that with the help of bigger computers and more skilled people, this could be done a lot better. We are quite limited in our resources, and have been helped immeasurably by our colleagues in supplying information and data.

We are preparing publications on this new theory and on the above experiments. We are motivated to get this theory published as soon as possible and to get others interested in doing research. The implications and insights as to the driving mechanism for global warming, for example, are extremely important and far reaching. As we hope to have nations working in harmony to bring about a stabilization (and even improvement) of our environment, it is very important that this information be made available to researcher, theorist as well as to our political and religious leaders.

Yours sincerely and faithfully,

David W. Allan

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