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gravitational ether

Name: amrit sorli
Category: General Comment


Dott. Ing. Amrit Sorli Osho Miasto Institute Podere San Giorgio16 53012 Chiusdino (Siena), Italy phone: 0039-348-8127445 e-mail:

Dear Sirs

Einstein's concept of non homogeneous gravitational ether in the "Morgan Manuscript" offers simple solutions for the appearance of matter in the inflation phase of the big bang and its disappearance in black holes. Moreover some experiments in weightlessness show that gravitational ether is essential for living organisms to function. The experiment with the Earthworms shows that the weight of a living worm is greater than the weight of the same dead worm. One can also say that the density of gravitational ether is higher around living organisms and lower around dead organisms. I'm interested in scientific cooperation on the subject of the gravitational ether, especially in repeating the experiment with the worms. Hope to here from you soon. Best Wishes, Dott. Amrit Sorli


Abstract Einstein's theory of gravitational ether is a basis for a simple understanding of the interaction between matter and universal space as well as the evolution of life. Keywords: space, matter, singularities, gravitational ether, evolution, Einstein Introduction One of the main questions of cosmology is: where does matter come from in the inflation phase of the big bang and where does it go when it disappears at the centre of black holes. According to Stephen Hawking in the inflation phase the energy of matter that is positive and the gravitational energy which is negative are multiplied. Its sum always remains zero: E matter (Em) + E gravitational (Eg) = 0. In a similar way as (-1) + (1) = 0, (-2) + (2) = 0, (-3) + (3) = 0 (1). Describing the energy of matter as positive, the energy of gravitation as negative and explaining the inflation phase with the equations above does not answer the question of the appearance of matter. Equations that function in mathematics do not necessarily function in physics. Mathematics only describes reality and can not explain it. Einstein says: "As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality" (2).

Discussion Einstein's idea of the ether in the Morgan Manuscript was that cosmic space can not be imagined without the existence of gravitational ether: "The ether of the general theory of relativity differs from the one of earlier optics by the fact that it is not matter in the sense of mechanics. Not even the concept of motion can be applied to it. It is furthermore not at all homogeneous, and its state has no autonomous existence but depends on the field-generating matter. Since in the new theory, metric facts can no longer be separated from true physical facts, the concepts of space and ether merge together. Since the properties of space appear as determined by matter, according to the new theory, space is no longer a precognition for matter; the theory of space (geometry) and of time can no longer be presupposed prior to actual physics and expounded independently of mechanics and gravitation" (3). Interaction between matter and non homogeneous gravitational ether can be described with the roundness of Riemann's four-dimensional geometry. The bigger the star is, the rounder the space around it is, and the higher the density of gravitational ether. In the centre of the black hole density, pressure and temperature are infinite. All atomic and subatomic particles disintegrate into gravitational energy. In singularity of the black hole only gravitational ether persists. Gravitational ether is never created and never destroyed, unchangeable. It can not be described with terms as "movement", "time" and "entropy". Its only characteristic that can be described mathematically is the density. For Einstein, four-dimensional physical space, fulfilling the functions of the ether, was something primary to matter consisting of particles. During the lecture at the University of Nottingham, Einstein would say: "The strange conclusion to which we have come is this-that now it appears it appears that space will have to be regarded as a primary thing and that matter is derived from it, so to speak, as a secondary result. We have always regarded matter as a primary thing and space as a secondary result. Space is now having its revenge, so to speak, and is eating up matter. But this is still a pious wish. " (4). From the statement above arises the idea that in black holes matter disappears into gravitational ether and in the big bang matter appears back from it. In the universe energy is constantly circulating, it is never created or destroyed. The amount of gravitational energy and the energy of matter is constant:

E gravitational (Eg) + E matter (Em) = E constant (Ek).

In the first moment after the big bang Em = 0, Eg = Ek. In the subsequent moments of the inflation phase Eg is structured into Em, and the transformation is over when Eg and Em are balanced: Eg = Em (Eg = Ek/2, Em = Ek/2). With the formation of black holes, when the transformation of Em into Eg starts, Em is falling towards zero (Em --> 0), Eg is rising towards Ek (Eg --> Ek) (5). The density of gravitational ether is increasing with the disintegration of matter into it. This process increases the gravitational forces between the galaxies, the speed of the expansion of the universe slows down. At a certain point the expansion stops and the universe starts to collapse in an enormous black hole that explodes into a new big bang where gravitational ether transforms back into matter. The energy of matter and gravitational energy are in a permanent dynamic equilibrium. Big bangs are cyclic, the universe is a self-renewing system. It has no beginning and no end. The increase of the entropy of matter after the big bang is only temporary. In black holes the energy of matter disintegrates back into pure unstructured gravitational energy that has no entropy. Pressure, temperature and density in singularity of the big bang and black holes, have infinite values. The physical circumstances of transformation "gravitational ether --> matter" and back are infinite. This presents one of the matters that create difficulties in the unification of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. Experiments in weightlessness show that functioning of organisms is related with the changes of the strength of gravitational field, with the other words, with the changes of the density of gravitational ether. Spaceflight induces a cephalad redistribution of fluid volume and blood flow within the human body and space motion sickness, which has a problem during first few days of spaceflight, could be related to these changes in fluid status and in blood flow of the cerebrum and vestibular system (6). In weightlessness there is a decreased activity of spinal ganglia neurons of the hypothalamic nuclei producing arginine, vasopressin and growth hormone releasing factor. Structural changes of the somatosensory cortex and spinal ganglia suggest a decreased afferant flow to the somatosensory cortex in microgravity. The results characterise the mechanisms of structural adaptation to a decreased afferant flow in microgravity by the neurons in the hemisphere cortex and brain stem nuclei. So, under microgravity there is a neuron hypoactivity (7). Microgravity has a direct influence on bone fracture healing because of poor production of bone callus in microgravity : there is an increase volume of osteoid and a decrease in the number and activity of osteoblasts (8). Experiments with Lumbricus Teresticus have shown that the weight of a worm is greater when alive than when it is dead. Gravitational ether is denser around living organisms than around dead ones. For a living organism to function additional density of gravitational ether is needed. Preliminary experiments have been carried out at the Bio-technical Faculty, Ljubljana, Slovenia in June 1987. Measurements have been performed on a Mettler Zurich M5 scale. Six test-tubes were filled with three millilitres of a water solution made out of meat and sugar. Four test-tubes were used and a fungus was put into two of the test-tubes. All of test tubes were welded airtight. The weight difference between test-tubes was measured for ten days. After three days of growth, the weight of test-tubes with the fungus increased (on average) 34 micrograms and in last seven days remains unchanged. The experiment was carried out in sterile circumstances. Here the biomass is increasing by incorporating nonliving substances and could be represented by the following equation: Fgdead + dFg = Fgliving

where Fgdead is the weight of the nonliving organisms, dm is the change of the weight of the system, and Fgliving is the weight of the living organisms. In another experiment, two test-tubes were filled with 5 grams of Californian worms with distilled water. All of the test-tubes were then welded airtight. The weight difference between test-tubes was measured for 5 hours. At the end of the first hour there was no appreciable difference but at the end of the second and third hour there was an decreased weight of 4.5 micrograms on average. This weight then remained stable for the next 2 hours most likely due to there no longer being any living organisms. This change in weight due to the change of organisms from a living condition to a nonliving one could be shown with the following equation:

Fgliving = Fgdead + dFg .

These experiments were repeated from August to September of 1988 at the Facilty for Natural Science and Technology, Ljubljana. Two Mettler Zurich scales, type H20T were used in the measurements. Identical results were obtained. A test-tube was filled with 70 grams of live Californian worms and a small test-tube was filled with 0.25 ml of 36% water solution of formaldehyde. The control test tube contained 70 ml of distilled water with a small test tube of formaldehyde inside. Both test tubes were welded, wiped clean with 70% ethanol, and put into the weighing chamber of the balance. Approximately one hour was allowed for acclimatization. Later both test-tubes were measured three times at intervals of five minutes. Then the test tubes were turned upside down to spill the solution of formaldehyde and again they were measured seven times at intervals of fifteen minutes. The weight of the test-tube with the worms was found to have increased in the first 3 minutes after the poisoning on average for an average weight of 60 micrograms and it then went down. Fifteen minutes after poisoning, the weight diminished on average by 93.6 micrograms. This last experiment was repeated twelve times. The standard deviation amounted to 16 micrograms. The pressure in both test tubes was one atmosphere for the entire duration of the experiment as well as the temperature remaining unchanged. Neither the pressure nor the temperature could have therefore been the cause for the change in the weight. In 1997the results of the experiments were published in the "Newsletter" nr. 18-19 of Monterey Institute for Study of Alternative Healing Arts, California. On March 3rd 1998, Dr. Shiuji Inomata from Japan informed the editor (S. Savva) that Dr. Kaoru Kavada got similar results using rats as the experimental organism, again in a closed system (9). Duncan MacDougall experiments have shown decreasing of the man’s weight at the time of death; density of gravitational ether is stronger on the living man than on the same dead one (10). Studies by Penrose and Hameroff (11,12) suggest that the force of quantum gravity acting on the mass of neurones within the brain may be responsible for the emergence of consciousness. The process is fundamentally related to the influence of quantum gravity on microtubule networks within the neurones. Loss of the weight at the time of man’s death supports studies by Penrose and Hameroff; it shows that gravitational force is acting on the mass of living neurones stronger as on the mass of the same death ones. All events in the universe including evolution are happening in gravitational ether. Gravitational ether can be described as a four-dimensional reality in which three-dimensional material objects are floating. Gravitational ether do not finishes at the surface of an object or living organism, its also extends inside of it. In gravitational ether time does not runs. Time can only be experienced, and not clearly perceived as can matter and cosmic space. There is no clear evidence of existence of time as a physical entity. The question arises: How can time be experienced without being perceived? The answer is given by analysing the rational way of experiencing. The eyes perceive a stream of irreversible change of an event: change A is transforming into B, B is transforming into C and so on. Once elaborated by the mind, the irreversible stream of change is experienced as a linear running of time. Change A as past, B as present, C as future. Time is created by the rational part of the mind. Through time the perception of change of an object or an event can be elaborated scientifically. From the point of the gravitational ether makes no sense that the morning is before the evening, that the father is born before the son. Immanuel Kant was right in saying that time exists only as a structure of the mind: space and time are not realities existing in themselves. In a word, they are subjective forms (13). Linear time and three-dimensional space exist only as structures of the rational scientific mind. Through these mental structures science can elaborate an event In scientific experiments we observe constant stream of irreversible physical, chemical and biological change. Change X1 is transforming into X2, change X2 into X3 and so on. Time exists only as a stream of this change. We can measure with clocks its duration, speed, and numerical order. Change run slower in those parts of the universe where the density of gravitational ether is bigger and the gravitational force is stronger. Experiments confirm that the clocks near the sea in Venice are running slower than on the mountain Monte Rosa. Gravity is stronger near sea level than on the top of Monte Rosa. To be empirically consequent, one has to admit that by means of elementary perception (sight), it is only possible to conclude that the speed of clocks on Monte Rosa is faster than in the city of Venice. It is only by indirect reasoning that we interpret different clock speeds as if they mean different speeds of time stream. By observing the clocks it is only possible to state that the speed of irreversible change is slower where the density of gravitational field is higher, and is faster where the density of gravitational field is smaller. Time exists only as stream of change (14). Time considered as stream of change, gets totally integrated with space. The image of space-time develops into the image of timeless gravitational ether in which change is running. As gravitational ether has no entropy matter has a permanent tendency to evolve in living organisms with higher organisation. Gravitational ether is an universal force that creates life. The evolution of life can be described as a cosmic negantropic process in which the entropy of living matter decreases towards a state of non entropy of gravitational ether. This idea is supported by the fact that the whole universe is in a state of chemical evolution. In all observable cosmic space basic organic molecules that are necessary for the development of life have been discovered. On the planets similar to our planet chemical evolution continues into biological evolution. In the universe there are many planets with solar systems similar to ours. Life could also develop there. Universe is physically homogeneous, circumstances for life to develop are same in the whole universe. Evolution of life on the planet Earth can be understood as a part of an universal process. There are some hints that life could have been brought to earth from elsewhere in our solar system or even galaxy. Life tends towards more complexity but Homo Sapiens is not the pride of creation but rather an accident in evolution. Humans may disappear as they have come but evolution will continue. Life as such is not an accident but a function of our universe (15).

Conclusion The Universe is a timeless phenomena composed of one type of energy. When this energy is structured it appears as matter, when it is unstructured it appears as the gravitational ether that cosmic space is made of. Gravitational ether is essential for living organisms to function and for life to evolve.

Amrit Sorli


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