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There Is No Death

Sarah LaNelle Menet

(Book report by David W. Allan, with some scientific and spiritual perspectives; Aug. 2003)

There Is No Death

This is a wonderful and inspiring little book – adding significantly to what is now a large set of literature about near-death experiences (NDE). Yet at the same time, it is consistent with most of the other books on NDEs that I have read. I report on this one for three important reasons: 1) it has some fascinating consistencies with the new Unified Field Theory with which we are experimenting, 2) it gives great hope to those who carry particularly heavy burdens, and 3) she saw much more detail than most – including important events that are near to come. Sarah’s early years were more difficult than anyone would want to imagine; the loving, lifting hands of the Savior helped her through her NDE to overcome enormous challenges and emerge victorious.

Profoundly she shares that these experiences have given, " understanding of how we lived before we came to earth, why we are here, what the meaning of life is, and what waits for each of us when we leave this existence."

There are so many details, I highly recommend that those interested buy her book and read it. I list here some of the principal highlights:

The importance of love
How important and beautiful each person is from an eternal perspective
The importance of small acts of kindness in contrast to those who do nothing to improve the world in which they live
Explanation of why good people suffer
Importance of forgiveness
The reality of repentance and our individual books of life
Explanation of why people believe in reincarnation
What happens to insects and animals after death
What happens to the murdered and murderer
The special blessings associated with the handicapped
The abilities of spirit bodies
Life on other planets
The powerful effects of music, drugs, and alcohol
Understandings regarding evil spirits, spiritualism, witchcraft, and sorcery
God and good will win in the end
Bad things can be turned into good
What is the mark of the beast
Why Satan is trying to conquer the world
Do we get to come back to earth after we die
What are ghosts
Why are some so much more talented than others
What are the plagues and destructions coming and are they avoidable
How can we best prepare for future events
What will our spirits look like when we die
What Christ looks like

I was extremely fascinated with her description of "spiritual DNA." In the new UFT we are working with, the aura of a person (that some can see) is an extension of the diallel structure that makes up the spirit body of a person, and we have learned that it is like a spiritual DNA. Those here in mortality, who are privileged to see auras, see that they have different colors. The color of our aura is effected by what we are filled with: love, fear, hate, humility, pride, health, sickness, peace, anger, joy, sadness, etc.

In what we have learned from this new theory, how we use our agency (each choice) is all important. As we fill up our diallel structure with life’s experiences, at each juncture we choose whether to extend love and service and to receive light and truth into our lives or to do the opposite. In a summary sense, it is our choice whether to be Christ-centered or self-centered – Christ having set the perfect example for the world – giving His all in love and service that through Him we might receive, as He has, a fullness of light, truth and joy in our lives.

We have further learned that like there are seven electron (spherical like) shells making up all of the atoms in the universe, there are seven concentric cylindrical like shells making up the diallel structure – carrying all of the force fields and providing the communication channels for all things. It is further fascinating that in the Lord’s arithmetic the number seven denotes perfection or completeness. There are seven spectral bands providing the communication of particles, the force fields, and of all information. We have learned that it is apparently the sixth band that is used by us to communicate with God, with each other via ESP, mind to mind in the spirit world, mind to plant or animal, and visa-versa for each.

Time is a mortal dimension. Neither God nor His angels are limited by space and time or the velocity of light as we mortals perceive it. Each of our mortal time clocks starts ticking and registering our life’s experiences at conception. When a person moves across the veil, they move out of time into what we call the eternity-domain. It is like a fifth dimension and brings God’s grand harmony between the reality of spirit matter and the physical that makes up our mortality. Through the atonement of Christ comes the glorious rejoining of body and spirit in immortal glory. In the face of the perfect and loving judge, we will judge ourselves by how we have chosen to live our lives – how we have filled up our diallel structure.

While Sarah was in the spirit world, she saw the angels working with a man who was repenting. "...what he had done wrong, was literally being wiped..." out of his spiritual DNA. "Everything that a person says, does, or thinks from the time they are born to the day they die is recorded in their..." spiritual DNA. (Their Soul).

"When we pass from this life we will be able to look at another being in the spirit world and ‘read’ their life. The light or glowing I noticed coming from the people earlier was a part of this recording, and I understood that if I concentrated a little harder I could read the entire life history of each person I focused on.

"I understood further that the more righteous or Godlike a person had been on earth – the more he or she had tried to obey God and help others, – the brighter would be his or her light in the spirit world. The only parts of a person’s life that would not be seen or read would be those sins that had been repented of the way the man... was doing. A person having repented may still remember the deleted segments of their life, but those details would be kept from others. I also realized that there was no casual interest in ‘looking into’ people’s lives.

"...I understood... that it is far easier to repent or change our lives while in the mortal world than it is after passing into the spirit world. When we make the transition we call death, which is referred to there as the ‘new birth,’ we take with us our attitudes, passions, desires, habits, qualities, and character. We really don’t change at all. Everything that makes us who we are comes with us as part of our soul essence or spiritual DNA....

"However, once we are in the spirit world, all of our emotions and attitudes become greatly intensified, thereby increasing the difficulty involved in changing them. I was also informed that if this man.. again committed these same sins..., the parts that had been removed would be replaced, and all that had been erased would once again be present in his recording for all to read.

"As these thoughts and explanations came into my mind, I became frightened. There were parts of my life I definitely did not want others to see, and now, in dismay, I realized I could not hide anything from anyone."

When she came back from her NDE, she was very motivated to repent, and to make up for lost time. I have been privileged to hear her speak, and ever since she has been sharing with who ever will listen the greatest message there is to share, that because of God’s love for each of us the door through faith and repentance is open to each of us to overcome all things because His Son overcame all things. In Him we can find that perfect peace we seek. Sins of omission need repenting of just as much as those committed. In other words, to love as God has asked us to love takes faith, focus, energy and effort, but the rewards are the best.

She saw a large number of disasters ahead if we as a world chose not to repent. What happens is conditioned upon ou righteousness or wickedness. She saw, for example, the following:

Tall buildings in New York fall
Commerce ceases
Israel is attacked and a world war begins
Four cities attacked with disease
Marauding gangs and chaos
A long winter and famine
Deadly water
Cities of light and safety
A nuclear attack on the United States
North America invaded
The Earth cleanses itself
A huge earthquake in the middle of the United States
World wide earthquakes caused huge walls of water to sweep the coastal regions
A mighty wind (I assume this is the Lord’s mighty East wind prophesied of in the scriptures)
The purging of the Earth with a fireball much bigger than the Earth at the coming of the Lord to the world. The good people were with the Savior.

In answer to how can we prepare, she says, "The most important preparation is spiritual preparation! Keeping God’s commandments is lifesaving. She learned, "that special protection will be given to those who faithfully keep the Sabbath day holy. It is a day for worshiping God and serving others and not for sports, entertainment, or work. Being kind to others, forgiving those who hurt you, reading God’s word, visiting the sick, and praying are very important to in spiritual preparation."

She says that there, "will be a time, perhaps three or four years long, when there won’t be any food at all, no electricity, or anything. For part of that time it will be so dark that it will even be hard to grow any food in a garden." She recommends that, "people... get food, water, winter clothing, hiking shoes,...and the means to protect themselves against the marauding gangs that will go around killing people." She says that it "might be good to have like-minded friends who have prepared so that they could all gather together to help protect each other. There is safety in numbers."

The Lord has listed in the scriptures all the ways that He can and will, if we don’t repent, bring about the purging and purification of this Earth and of the inhabitants thereof. In Babylon the great, which shall fall, the focus is on things (the gods of this world) rather than on Christ (our only true light). If we refuse to stop worshiping the things of this world, He will then take them away – causing us to refocus and to realize He, in long-suffering, love and patience, has given us all that we have – every breath. If the world does not repent, then I believe the first major disaster will be an economic collapse – taking away much of our things. Then will follow the natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanos, etc), the pestilences, a long winter and darkness, the famines, and the wars among the nations (WW III).

Out of the purging will come a New Jerusalem here in America and rebuilding of the old in the Holy Land. I believe this land will be purged first (3 ½ years, Rev. 12:), and then will commence the battle of Armageddon as the nations of the Earth combine against Israel (3 ½ years, Rev. 11:). Combined, this is the seven lean years following the seven fat years of plenty. As Joseph in Egypt saved the House of Israel temporally, from the seven years of famine, so will Joseph (Ephraim and Manasseh, the righteous followers of Christ here in America) save latter-day Israel (the righteous scattered among all nations of the Earth) both temporally and spiritually (Ether 13:1-12). Here, Israel means a humble follower of Christ or of the light received from Him. Then will come the baptism of the Earth by fire to prepare it for the Lord’s great millennial reign, when He shall reign as King of kings and Lord of lords.

The Lord has promised that the "righteous need not fear." Those who have come unto Christ and know His voice, He will guide them "in the paths of righteousness" and safety. In contrast, "They who would not hear his voice should be ‘cut off from among the people,’" "The great and dreadful day of the Lord is near, even at the door."

I am very inspired by Sarah Menet’s marvelous message of hope in the midst of a declining and troubled world. I personally know that the Lord is there for each of us. He is not limited by time as we are. Dwelling in the eternity domain he can and will address each of our needs and desires as we come unto Him with broken hearts and contrite spirits – having repented of all our sins. He is our ever sure rock and foundation in the midst of any tribulation. The Earth will be purified. The question is will we be purified in Him and be made clean by Him that we may abide the day. It is my prayer and purpose in writing this report that each of you may.


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