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Science Fair Project Ideas --
Proving New Gravity Theory

An egg balanced on end compensates for increased breeze, but its servo does not respond fast enough if the wind is suddenly stopped; it topples.

26th March 2000 04:30 AM

Following are two ideas for science fair projects. These would make excellent projects and are both very doable experiments. A high school student with vision could have a ball.

Breeze blows paper towel upward next to egg which remains stationary.

First Experiment:

One could make a video recording of the following experiment. The diallel line electron flow servo that keeps the egg standing has a very small range. Previous experiments have shown that as a breeze builds up, the egg will remain standing if the breeze buildup is gradual. If the breeze builds up, and then suddenly lets off, the bandwidth of the egg’s servo is not sufficient to keep it from tipping over – into the wind. I quote from a page of our  website about an experiment which I conducted.

Servo Compensation Experiment (31 Dec. 1999)

Yesterday, I stood up a boiled egg that had been part of the previous experiment, and which had stood for well over a month. This morning while lying in bed I had come to mind a simple way to repeat the experiment where the egg toppled toward the direction of the wind when the wind suddenly let up.

At 5:30 a.m. I set forth to simulate the breeze conditions that caused this highly unusual phenomenon. I would gradually increase the velocity of my breath blowing across the egg and then let off suddenly. I repeated this several times and was amazed at how stable the egg was. I could see the egg wobble as its servo was compensating during some of these times.

Finally, I got it to topple over. It did exactly as predicted according to the new theory. It toppled in my direction. This is like pushing your hand against a person, causing them to lean toward you, then letting up suddenly; they then fall toward you.

For the science project, this experiment could be videotaped. For the display, the videotape plus the energy diagram could be shown. This is a very fundamental experiment– showing the existence of these newly discovered diallel, gravitational-field lines. These diallel lines allow electrons to flow freely in the vertical direction inside of the egg. As explained on the Web site, this provides the servo affect– causing the egg to stand up.

Second experiment:

One could obtain to groups of eggs. The first group would be fertilized and viable. The second group would be unfertilized and fresh. The bottoms of all the eggs could be polished with emery cloth so that there are no known bumps or mini-tripods, that would enhance or impede the egg standing. The object is to have only the diallel line servo operative.

Seven eggs standing on end.

As many of these eggs as possible could be stood on their ends on a hard surface inside an incubator. The fertilized eggs should be turned from time to time for their proper development. Be sure to turn the control eggs as well so as to treat both the same.  As these fertilized eggs reach the time of hatching, the live chick inside will start to move around, and this will topple the egg over. The un fertilized eggs will remain standing.

This experiment will also provide a very nice validation of the existence of diallel, gravitational- field lines. The movement of the chick preparing itself to be hatched will exceed the locking bandwidth of the diallel-line servo, which stabilizes the egg and keeps it upright.

As the little chick marches away from its shell, it will be saying, "I have just proved a new gravitational theory."

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