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detection of UV radiation coming from diallel-line quantum transitions

Date: Aug 24 2000 00:36:39 EDT
From: "Allan's Time Interval Metrology Enterprise newsletter" <>
Subject: [A-TIME] detection of UV radiation coming from diallel-line quantum transitions

22 August 2000

Dear family, friends, and colleagues,

Yesterday was an historic day.  We have been working on this new unified
field theory ( UFT) for now about a year.  One of our dreams has been to
get solid experimental evidence of the theory's validity.  Such was our
happy lot yesterday.  In the optics lab in the basement of the BYU Erying
science center, John Benson Madsen and I obtained about four hours of
experimentation detecting UV radiation from a diallel-line quantum

One of the key discoveries and elements of this new UFT is the existence
of diallel, gravitational-field lines.  These diallel lines emanate out
from all entities and have the inherent capability of carrying all of the
force fields, any and/or all of the atomic particles, photons,
gravitational information, and much much more.  Proving the existence of
these diallel lines has been one of our main quests.

The new theory predicted pendulum clock slowing when operated over a high
energy-density source as these diallel lines are bent or lensed because of
the presence of this high energy-density source.  I conducted a 50 hour
marathon experiment here at the house with two borrowed pendulum clocks
and demonstrated this predicted effect.  I used three different
energy-density sources: chemical, magnetic field, and electrostatic field.
The effect was small as was expected but most profoundly this experiment
gave evidence of a fifth dimension to this new UFT.  That is also
consistent with the theory.

The BYU physics department has been very supportive to help me with the
second experiment.  Because of the indicated diallel-line bending from the
first experiment, we chose to use a laser mirror, acting as a plumb bob,
to measure this bending effect since the diallel lines define the local
vertical.  For the energy-density sources that we used, the calculated
effects are small  of the order of a micro-radian.  This has been barely
detectable above the measurement noise of our fairly simple experimental

Like in the atom, there are quantum states for the diallel-line electrons.
In nature there are numerous evidences of these diallel-line quantum
transitions; the "blue Jets" and "red sprites" are classic examples.  We
felt to do an experiment in which we would excite these diallel-line
electrons, then have them interact with laser photons through their de
Broglie like wavelengths  bringing about a release of their energy, which
brings about a blue shift of the photons as they interact on the face of a
laser mirror and also a release of UV radiation orthogonal to the laser
beam and the diallel lines.

As we created a high energy density pulse to excite the diallel-line
electrons, at that moment of the pulse we detected the UV photons coming
off orthogonal to the region of interaction.  We used an ultra-simple UV
detection scheme  UV detection powder donated to us by Rick Townsend of
the Utah state criminal laboratory.  Our daughter, Jeannette, was kind
enough to pick it up for us last Friday afternoon, so that we could get it
from her on Friday evening, after attending a wedding reception of one of
our missionaries, that we met in West Africa, Cote d'Voire mission.

It was 11:00 last night before I finished analyzing the video recording of
our experimentation.  To see the colorful little blips come off of the TV
monitor in correlation with the energy pulse gave me the most exciting TV
I have ever watched.  As posted on our website there
are numerous experiments one can do to further validate this new theory.
We are pursuing those we can.  The long-term blessings and benefits coming
from this new UFT are enormous.  We thank the hand of Providence for His
assist in this exciting work

[David W. Allan]




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