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Nuclear Blast on Moon Would Also Have Columnar Shape

Date: May 17 2000 11:04:29 EDT
From: "Allan's Time Interval Metrology Enterprise newsletter" <>
Subject: [A-TIME] Nuclear Blast on Moon Would Also Have Columnar Shape

On May 16, the New York Times quoted physicist, Leonard Reiffel, as saying
that if the U.S. had detonated a nuclear bomb on the moon as they were
proposing back in 1958, then the blast "would have flown out in all
directions rather than in the usual mushroom shape."

Not so, according to a new unified field theory being set forth by
physicist David W. Allan, renowned for his work in ultra-precise time and
frequency measurement and propagation, having spend 32 years working with
the Atomic clock in Boulder Colorado.  In David Allan's model, a nuclear
blast anywhere, including the moon, will proceed in a columnar shape,
rather than flying out in all directions as is seen in other types of
non-high-energy explosions.  The column is a function of the interaction
of the high-energy nuclear particles and photons in the explosion and the
diallel gravitational field lines that emanate radially from the center of
a mass, such as the earth.

The nuclear blast is actually a classic illustration of the new theory,
showing the interaction of the nuclear particles and photons with the
gravitational field lines.

In the case of a nuclear blast on the moon, though there would be the
initial explosion of dust particles in all directions, there would be no
mushroom cloud formation due to the lack of an atmosphere.  In theory, the
main nuclear blast with its high-energy particles and photons would
continue out in a column.  If the blast was facing the earth, then it
would result in tremendous bombardment with high-energy particles that
would only partially be mitigated by the earth's atmosphere.

According to the new theory, one very significant thing that is not
currently recognized about nuclear blasts is that high-energy particles
are emitted in both directions -- up and down.  An extrapolation of the
new model is that the cumulative effect from nuclear tests in the past and
present has caused core heating at the center of the earth to such an
extent that it is the primary cause of global warming.

Sterling D. Allan 
Allan's Time Interval Metrology Enterprise
May 16, 2000


NY Times story

quoted in Sidney Morning Herald

Linked from WorldNetDaily page 2 on May 17, 2000




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