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Sun extreme ultraviolet imagery

Satellite view Earth over Indonesia

Sun 9-5-00

Earth 9-5-00

Sun extreme ultraviolet imagery
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Flare Compare
Visual comparison of sunspots and cloud formations of Earth.

Satellite view Earth over Indonesia
Expanded Commentary Below

These Sun / Earth images were captured within a few hours of each other. Do weather patterns on earth mirror sunspot activity on the Sun? You be the judge. Months ago while viewing these daily released satellite photos of the Earth and Sun I began to notice a striking similarity between the two. I decided to post a daily comparison for further study. Since then I have never ceased to be amazed at the results. There are days when there is little apparent similarity but over a period of time more often than not the similarities return with stunning accuracy.

Now before you start laying out a template looking for an exact copy please read the following. We are not dealing with an exact science here. Just simple observation. I am not trying to imply that Earth Clouds are an exact copy of Sunspots and Coronal Holes. I am simply implying there is a propensity toward similar patterns because the magnetic field of the Earth is mimicking a pattern established and broadcast through the Sun's magnetic field by induction. Keep in mind when viewing this comparison that even though the pictures are of the same size in reality the sun is many times larger than Earth. As a grape to a basketball.

It has been suggested by some that spinning bodies would naturally display similar features. This does not explain what we are seeing here. On Earth we are dealing with an atmosphere of relatively cool water vapor in the form of clouds. A material with very good conductivity I might add. On the Sun we are dealing with a super hot body of electrified gas and crushing gravity. Sunspots, Solar Flares and Coronal Holes are magnetic phenomena in plasma and not atmospheric phenomena like clouds. There is no reason to assume that simply because both bodies are spinning that this explains the similarities often seen here.

These are the scientific facts. When a moving magnetic field comes in contact with a coil or other conductive material an electrical current is generated within it. This is called induction. Conversely, when an electrical charge or current is present within a conductive material a magnetic field is generated around it. This is the principle of the electric generator and the automobile coil by which we get electric power. Is it so much more difficult to see this same simple principal at work between the Sun and the planets? Remember the electromagnetic field of the Sun reaches to the ends of this solar system. The planets and their atmospheres are conductive material bodies moving through the magnetic field of the Sun. Keep this in mind when reading my explanation below.

The following is one possible explanation.. 

The Sun has an electromagnetic field which extends out into space from it's center to the ends of our solar system. This magnetic field is constantly being projected every second at the speed of light outward from the Sun. The Earth too generates an electromagnetic field surrounding it. The Earth and it's surrounding magnetic field travel through the Sun's magnetic field as Earth moves around the Sun. A magnetic field moving within a magnetic field. The Sun is about 93 million miles away from the Earth. Light travels at 186,000 miles per second. That is to say the magnetic field of the sun is traveling outward from the Sun at 186,000 miles per second every second. It takes about 8 minutes for a magnetic field to cross space from the Sun and pass Earth. Sunspots and Solar Flares result from magnetic disturbances within the Sun. These disturbances are being broadcast outward from the sun through it's magnetic field at the speed of light. This is far faster than the gas and material being ejected from these same solar explosions. The light, and magnetic field disruptions hit earth within 8 minutes while the ejected solar material takes three days to reach Earth. These electromagnetic pulses and disturbances from the Sun effect the magnetic fields of all the planets including earth by simple induction. That is to say the lessor magnetic field properties of the planets react to the greater magnetic field properties of the sun as we move through the magnetic field of the Sun. The magnetic field of Earth mimics the magnetic field of the Sun as the weather patterns and cloud formations follow along similar lines of force. This is one possible explanation to the similarities regularly seen between these photos.

This is a living document and is subject to change from moment to moment. Please return for the latest updates and additions.
Copyright 2000 Larry A. Wright




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