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Hormone imbalance; how to overcome this major societal problem

David W. Allan

22 May 2014

One of the major causes of hormone imbalance

Dr. David William writes the monthly health newsletter Alternatives, For the Health Conscious Individual.  His May 2014 issue was titled Achieving Hormone Balance. 

My wife and I have found his information to be among the best in the world on the subject of optimum health.  Several years ago we learned from him the importance of chia seed in our diets as the richest plant on the planet in omega-3, and most are deficient in this essential fatty acid.  See the following link for detailed benefits.

Generally, this May issue information is not known and is a profound contribution on the part of Dr. Williams.  Since it is very important to our health, I felt to share a summary of this information with you. 

Because of the importance of the professional details and insights shared, I recommend that you order this issue.  The information below is only a complementary summary.  This issue can be ordered from or call 1-800-527-3044, and ask for Volume 17, No 5, May 2014 of Alternatives.

Synoptically, Dr. Williams documents that over the last 50 years there has developed a large imbalance of the estrogen/progesterone ratio.  With the large increase in this ratio from our exposure to estrogen-like compounds, he reports, “We now live in an estrogenic, feminizing fish bowl.  These compounds, called xenoestrogens, are sometimes referred to as ‘gender benders’ and can be 10 to 100 times more powerful than natural estrogen.”  This “gender bender” problem correlates with the decrease in the age of puberty for an average of 14.2 years for girls in the 1900s to now girls as young as 7 enter puberty.  For males, we see more and more female characteristics.  Serious cancer problems arise from this imbalance as well.  Fortunately, he gives some combative measures to counter this problem.

The problem “has become endemic” because common “xenoestrogens include BPA, PCBs, phthalates, flame retardants, pesticides, herbicide, and DDT residue, all of which have been found in our food and water supplies.”  Many plastic products contain BPA.  “Phthalates are used in PVC products to make them softer and more flexible.  They show up in everything from toys to food packages, flooring, and shower curtains, as well as nail polish, hair spray, and shampoo.”  BPA shows up in the lining of many cans.  “Campbell’s uses BPA free cans.”

Dr. Williams points out that it would be impossible to list all the xenoestrogen compounds that are legally added to our foods, cleaners, and personal care products.  However, he suggests some very important steps to limit the effects of this endemic hormone ratio problem and the exposure to excess estrogen and estrogen like compounds and lack of sufficient progesterone:

·       Go organic and have a good multivitamin supplement;

·       Avoid pesticides and herbicides;

·       Use natural home cleaning products, e.g. vinegar and baking soda;

·       Opt for chemical-free personal care products;

·       Don’t touch thermal credit card and cash register receipts; if you need the receipt for record keeping, have them place it in your shopping bag; then handle it with tongs or tweezers until you have recorded the information; then discard it;

·       Don’t use plastic containers that contain BPA;

·       Studies have shown the following are useful: turmeric, cilantro, and spirulina;

·       An herbal combination called Myomin “can reduce excess estrogen levels:

·       Avoid using the following: processed soy products, sunflower, safflower, cottonseed, and canola oils, licorice and red-clover; olive and avocado oils are good to use and the occasional use of fermented soy is good.

·       Fat cells produce estrogen, so our obesity epidemic is a large contributor;

·       As Dr. Campbell has shown, a vegan diet will move a person away from obesity, and Dr. Williams sites some specific beneficial vegetables: broccoli, cabbage, bok choy, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cress, kale, radishes, watercress, arugula, mustard greens, horseradish, turnips, rutabaga, and kohlrabi;

·       Healthy liver function to get rid of toxins and excess estrogen is essential; alcoholic men have impaired liver function; Tylenol is toxic to the liver;

·       Bowel transit time is important; constipation causes the toxins to not be eliminated in a timely fashion and the “estrogen is reabsorbed and placed back into circulation.”  Dr. Williams likes “fresh ground flax, hemp, or chia seeds in [his] morning protein shake;” and eat more fermented foods.

·       “A quality probiotic on a daily basis is… one of the best disease-preventing and longevity-promoting supplements ever;

·       Supplementing with natural progesterone in a crème or orally is very helpful and he gives some suggested sources.

Dr. Williams points out the disturbing situation that there is a lot of misinformation both with doctors and the public regarding estrogen and progesterone, because of all the synthesized products produced by the pharmaceutical industry.  “Most doctors will be quick to say that oral contraceptives contain both estrogen and progesterone.  More specifically, they contain synthetic forms of these hormones.”   This has provided enormous profits to be made from, for example, the estrogen-based Pill, which causes a fertilized egg to be aborted, and the increasing estrogen-like to progesterone ratio imbalance is causing ever increasing serious disease issues.

Defining conception as when the sperm enters the egg, estrogen-based contraceptives are actually abortive.  Progesterone is a natural “true” contraceptive, but since it occurs naturally, it cannot be patented and marketed, so the pharmaceutical industry has no motivation to develop this natural contraceptive.  No big money to be made here.

Further, Dr. Williams shares the “brain is very responsive to progesterone.  Its concentration in the brain is around 20 times higher than in the blood.  Studies have shown that it not only protects the brain, but it also improves memory, relieves anxiety…” and more.  “Progesterone has a calming effect on the brain as opposed to estrogen’s excitatory influence.”  In addition, “progesterone stimulates new bone formation, which is needed to actually reverse osteoporosis.”

I am deeply grateful for Dr. David Williams continued help for us toward optimum health.  Our health – and several others of our family and friends – has significantly benefited since we learned from him of the importance of chia seed in our diet on a regular basis.  As you can see from the link, it helps with both the cardiovascular and digestive systems along with helping to lose weight.  So it also addresses some of the other issues caused by the harmful increase in the estrogen/progesterone ratio imbalance.

Chia seed is one of the best food storage items; 35 lbs. will feed two people for a year.  Our friends, Gary and Dawn Nielson in CO, still sell it: (970) 882-4395.

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