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Free from Disease


– Some thoughts and suggested readings –

David W. Allan

(23 March 2004)

We can learn much from the dietary habits of disease-free folks. Let us open our hearts and minds and learn. Hosea prophesied, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..." (Hosea 4:6) Herbert M. Shelton said, "Must we always take it for granted that the present eating practices of civilized man are normal? Why must we accept as normal what we find in a race of sick and weakened beings?" – as quoted in Dr. Young’s book, Sick and Tired? cited below. Because of "conspiring men in the last days," I believe the Lord has raised up many good people to help counter these attacks to destroy and weaken our bodies and minds.

We (my wife and I) have seen, over the last several years, several people healed from irreversible diseases (arteriosclerosis, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, and others). These diseases have been shown to be reversible, and those afflicted have been able to move into a state of health and happiness – free of pain and disease. We have learned some amazing things about good dietary habits and how they can help – in a major way – move us to good health. We are very grateful for the outstanding contributions of those listed below, and we are desirous to share them with you. We have been inspired by them and have learned much. We have been able to move out of some very serious health challenges, for which we are very grateful. The good-good news is that such a diet is both "alive" and has an enormous variety of wonderful tastes to it.

There are now a large number of resources to help the world move in the direction of optimum health and out of "dis-ease." The AMA has published that 85 % of all diseases are diet related. Following Dr. Young’s work, discussed below, I believe it is 100 %. This is exciting!

God has designed our bodies to heal themselves. He is the Healer in more ways than one. As an example, Dr. Lorraine Day, "an internationally acclaimed orthopedic trauma surgeon and best selling author, was for 15 years on the faculty of the University of California, San Francisco... She was also Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at SF General Hospital." She was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer and was told she was going to die unless it was treated. She rejected standard therapies of chemotherapy and radiation because of their destructive side effects. She chose instead to rebuild her immune system using the natural simple therapies designed by God and outlined in the Bible, so her body could heal itself. Her inspiring video You Can’t Improve on God tells this very moving story. She is now an astoundingly healthy person and an inspiration to all who know her and what she went through.

We are what we consume. As Dr. Young points out (generically speaking) acid food, acid music, and an acid environment move us toward disease and death. The choices we make to feed our body, mind, and spirit make all the difference. God intended for us to have an abundant life in all three dimensions of our being. As Dr. Day alludes, the "Garden of Eden" diet is the best – allowing our bodies to heal themselves from disease. Beautiful music aids that healing process, and a positive-supportive environment improves the recovery rate. Reaching out to one another is beneficial to both the giver and the receiver.

I list below some of the resources that we have used over the last decade and have found to be very helpful. We are so fortunate to have all these wonderfully competent people working on our part. For the most part they have a naturopathic approach – believing in God’s design of our bodies to heal themselves. And they all now have a vast level of experiences (of themselves and of their clients, etc.) to support their paradigms. Typically, also, these people are unselfishly serving our sick world with the vision that we can be well. I have listed these contributors alphabetically: We hope these resources help you, as they have helped us, move toward optimum health.

Dr. Paavo Airola has written 13 wonderful books; here are some of them:
How to get Well: Handbook of Natural Healing
The Airola Diet and Cookbook
How to Keep Slim, Healthy and Young With Juice Fasting
Every Woman's Book
Cancer: Causes, Prevention and Treatment
There is a Cure for Arthritis (This one helped my wife get over arthritis)
Are You Confused?


Dr. F. Batmanghelidj has made an enormous contribution by showing that most of us run around dehydrated – opening the door to disease. He shows the tremendous importance of proper body hydration. He has written several books on the subject.
Your Body's Many Cries for Water
How to Deal With Back Pain and Rheumatoid Joint Pain (This one helped me to overcome a serious back problem)
Water: Rx for A Healthier Pain-Free Life
ABC of Asthma Allergies & Lupus
Silk Road Cooking: A Vegetarian Journey
Water: For Health, For Healing, For Life
Water Cures: Drugs Kill

I have read the first two books of Dr. Batmanghelidj, and I am very impressed. His recommendations have helped me in a major way to overcome a fairly serious back injury. I was so impressed with his work that I wrote a book report on it, and it is posted on our web site: It is interesting that most of the other folks I have listed in this article also promote the drinking of at least 8-8 oz. glasses of water per day. As the Expert on the benefits of water Dr. Batmanghelidj tells you why the benefits are there; – how to drink for best benefits; – and what it will do for you. I highly recommend that you read at least the first book listed above. Dr. B. read the book report referenced in the above link that I wrote, and called to thank me for writing it.


Dr. John R. Christopher is considered by many to be the pioneer of natural healing and herbal medicine. He started his first practice in Wyoming just after WW II, and then shortly thereafter moved to Utah and opened another practice. His clinic was the only one of its kind in the country. People came from virtually every state to be treated by him and his staff. He specialized in treating so called "incurable diseases" that the regular medical doctors had given up on. His book School of Natural Healing, The Reference Volume on herbal Theorapy for the Teacher, Student or Practitioner remains a classic to this day.


Dr. Lorraine Day has some "Natural, Alternative Therapies for all Diseases, including Cancer and AIDS." She also has some outstanding videos that are very inspiring, as examples:
You Can’t Improve On God:
Cancer Doesn’t Scare Me Anymore


Dr. Ayu Fred Böhman has collaborated with Dr. Christopher in developing Dr. Christopher’s original herbal texts. He has been a consultant in nutrition for several food chains. He consulted for NASA in foods for their space programs, and also for the Navy Seals. He was the attending physician for the roller skating team that recently went from San Francisco to New York. The team called him Dr. cayenne, as he was always using cayenne and natural remedies to heal their cuts, abrasions, and bruises. He has a vitamin and mineral supplement that is enzyme active with all the necessary amino acids. He has developed a multi-grain food that is the finest I have seen in terms of nutritional value. In part, it is based on the ancient American grain, amaranth, which contains all the essential amino acids and is very healthful. If one needs to store foods with high nutritional value and which are also tasty, Dr. Böhman’s are the best of which I am aware. They are also very economical – allowing one to eat for less than $3 per day.


Jean Carper has written several very useful books – among which are:
Food__Your Miracle Medicine
Your Miracle Brain: Maximize Your Brainpower, Boost Your Memory, Lift Your Mood, Improve Your IQ and Creativity, Prevent and Reverse Mental Aging
Stop Aging Now! : Ultimate Plan for Staying Young and Reversing the Aging Process,
Miracle Cures : Dramatic New Scientific Discoveries Revealing the Healing Powers of Herbs, Vitamins, and Other Natural Remedies
The Miracle Heart : The Ultimate Guide to Preventing and Curing Heart Disease With Diet and Supplements
The Cancer Miracle
The Food Pharmacy : Dramatic New Evidence That Food is Your Best Medicine
Food Your Miracle Medicine: How Food Can Prevent and Treat Over 100 Symptoms and Problems
The Revolutionary 7_Unit Low Fat Diet
Miracle Cures
Robert Gray and Louise Tenney have written two important books for helping to clean out your body, respectively listed. "A healthy body requires a healthy Colon."
Colon Health Handbook: New Health Through Colon Rejuvenation
The Natural Guide to Colon Health


Dr. Bernard Jensen has written over 60 books on health, healing, and rejuvenation. He is considered to be one of the principal pioneers in holistic health and healing. As an example of one of his books, the following seems to be right on target with some of current best thinking about optimum health:
The Healing Power of Chlorophyll


Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa is the author of four books: the international best seller Brain Longevity, The Pain Cure, the LA Times best seller Meditation as Medicine, which was selected by Barnes & Noble as the 2001 health book of the year. Meditation as Medicine was also awarded the prestigious Napra award by Nautilus. His latest book, Food as Medicine: How To Use Diet, Vitamins, Juices, and Herbs for a Healthier, Happier and Longer Life, was published by Atria Books in 2003. In this breakthrough book, Dr. Dharma reveals a cutting edge, seven step plan based on new discoveries in integrative medicine for using nutrition to heal your life. I was so impressed with his book Brain Longevity that I wrote up a report based on it in large measure for our web site:


Dr. Michael Klaper has contributed to the making of two PBS television productions, "Food for Thought," and the award winning, "Diet for a New America." Dr. Klaper also hosts the popular radio program "Sounds of Healing," on WPFW, 89.3 FM, in the Washington, D.C. area. He has produced a classic video that everyone should see:
A Diet for All Reasons
Richard Nielson has become a nationally renowned sprouting expert. He has worked closely with Dr. Hendricks at Utah State University in developing his program. Sprouts are oft’ times the missing link for a nutritionally healing diet. He has learned that aeration and drainage are the key elements to successful sprouting, and that different seeds reach their prime at different times. When the sprouts taste the best, the nutritional value is at it’s peak. After they pass their peak, they lose their value, and in some cases can be harmful – alfalfa sprouts, for example. Many sprouts that you buy in the store are past their peak. The sprouts should be rinsed before using. They should be eaten at their peak and/or be stored in a refrigerator. There they will keep for about a week. Refriger-ation can be used to stop the growth process of the sprouts at their peak. He has develop-ed a seven grain sprouting mix which is a complete protein mix; it has all the vitamins and minerals, and is called "Pro- vita- mix." This mix also has the complete enzyme structure that the body needs. His family does not take mineral supplements. There is no need with proper sprouting. Use only the best seeds for sprouting. It is not easy to get good organic seeds. The mineral depletion of the soil is due in large measure to highly specialized farming. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides have replaced crop rotation, natural fertilizers, and mulching as is done in organic gardening. Like a person with high immunity resists disease, so a healthy plant resists disease and insects. Organically grown fruits and vegetables have many times the nutrient value as non-organic. He provides only the best seeds. In the last hours of ripening nature creates, in the beautiful colors, healthy nutrients that are anti-carcinogenic. Dr. Bernard Jensen told him that sprouting was at the top of the list for nutrient value. One obtains about a 400 to 600 nutrient value increase during the sprouting process. Storing the proper grains and being able to sprout them well, is the most nutritional and cost-effective method of home food storage and gives you a year around garden of living vital greens.  Contact: Life Sprouts; Box 150; Hyrum, UT 84319; (435)245-3891; 1-800-241-1516.
Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease: "The Only System Scientifically Proven to Reverse Heart Disease Without Drugs or Surgery" is pioneering in the field of discovering that arteriosclerosis is reversible. He has authored several books – some in several languages:
John Robbins was the heir-apparent to much of the Baskin-Robbins fortune, and he walked away from that when he realized what dairy products were doing to the American people. I have learned that diary products are one of the main contributors to disease, and dairy products were the principal cause of my arteriosclerosis and prostate problems. I loved cheese, yogurt, and ice cream. Happily, I am now reversing both of those problems away and am on the healing path. I am now 67 and am in much better health than I was 15 years ago. John has written some very insightful books that are well worth reading if you desire good health. I list two of them here:
Diet For a New America; How your food choices affect your health, happiness and the Future of Life on Earth.
May All Be Fed; Diet for a New World.


Dr. Richard Schulze has the following interesting warning as you enter his web site:

The following health suggestions and opinions by Dr. Richard Schulze are based on 20 years of clinical practice assisting thousands of patients to heal themselves. WARNING, his knowledge and experience are not necessarily shared, nor have they been evaluated or approved by the F.D.A. the A.M.A. or any other 3 lettered federal, state or local agency. Therefore, if you are ill, have any disease, are pregnant, or just improving your health, we are forced to warn you to go to a medical doctor. Because of the current lack of health freedom in America it is legal for them to kill you but not legal for Dr. Schulze to help you heal yourself. Upon entering this site, you hereby agree to take full responsibility for yourself, your health and release, indemnify and hold harmless Dr. Richard Schulze, American Botanical Pharmacy, Natural Healing Publications, their employees and heirs.
We have used his products and find them excellent. He has a healing program called There are No Incurable Diseases that has enjoyed remarkable success in helping people to heal and move into wellness. He has written a book:
Common Sense Health and Healing


Dr. Andrew Weil is called by CNN’s Larry King, "America’s Doctor." He has written several books – all of them excellent. He is an incredible resource of information for natural medicine and healing. Dr. Larry Dossey says of his book Natural Health, Natural Medicine, "The bible of natural medicine has now been written."


Dr. Julian Whitaker has written some 26 books and operates a "Wellness Institute" where people can go to turn-around major health crises. We have benefitted from the use of his health products. He is well known for his book on reversing heart disease. Some of his books include the following:
Reversing Diabetes
Reversing Hypertension: A Vital New Program to Prevent, Treat and Reduce High Blood..
Reversing Heart Disease: A Vital New Program to Help Prevent, Eliminate Cardiac Problems without Surgery


Dr. Robert O. Young,, internationally renowned nutritional microbiologist, has had major success in seeing people heal themselves from many serious degenerative diseases (including stage-4 cancer) by bringing the bodies pH into a proper balance. He says, "There is only one physiological disease – the over-acidification of the body, due primarily to an inverted way of eating and living. This over-acidification leads to the one sickness, or primary symptom – the overgrowth in the body of microorganisms, whose poisons produce the symptoms we call ‘diseases.’" In general terms, he documents that as disease moves a body towards death, it moves acidic. Whereas, a proper alkaline diet – as in live greens – tends to neutralize this acidic disease ridden state, and can move a person to health and vitality. He has developed the microscopic tools and techniques to accurately measure fresh (live) blood samples and to see not only the pH level but also other "overgrowth – yeast/fungus" symptoms associated with different diseases. Also, in general terms, a meat and dairy based diet tends to move the body acidic, whereas a plant based diet (especially live greens) tends, for the most part, to move the body basic (to an alkaline state). This appears to me to be an extremely important work and paradigm. He and his wife have written several books together:
The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health
Back to the House of Health: Rejuvenating Recipes to Alkalize and Energize for Life!
The Ph Miracle for Diabetes: The Revolutionary Diet Plan for Type 1 and Type 2 Diebetics
Sick and Tired? Reclaim Your Inner Terrain, and
Going Natural With Herbs: Integrating Herbs into Everyday Use by Maureen Kernion, Robert O. Young (Paperback _ January 1999)

As was said by Dr. Neil Solomon, director, International Council for Caring Communities’ Health and Advisory Board, Non-Governmental Organizations, United Nations, "Dr. Young may be on the threshold of a new biology whose principles could revolutionize biology and medicine and potentially help people worldwide."

With the coming plagues ahead, the above approaches are becoming increasingly important. Not because living and health are the most important goals to pursue. But as is said well by Dr. Young, "Health is not fundamentally a goal, but a means... A healthy body and mind put us in a position to better serve the Creation, the planet, and other human beings, and to have fun while we step with the unpredictable play and dance of Life?"

We read the following from the recent news, and we may move into fear:

UN scientists urge world to help fight bird flu

ROME: United Nations health experts wrapped up two days of urgent talks here Thursday with a strong recommendation to countries fighting bird flu to step up cooperation, upgrade hygiene measures, and ensure the early reporting of outbreaks of the virus that has killed at least 17 people. Specialists have been drawing up a list of recommendations on how to contain and eradicate the disease which has struck 10 Asian countries to date, and led the World Health Organisation (WHO) to warn that millions could die if it combined with a human influenza virus. The experts, including those from the WHO, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) and the US Center for Disease Control, were to outline their recommendations at a news conference later on Thursday. However, an FAO spokeswoman said: ""The recommendations will be looking for example at greater cooperation and collaboration between neighboring countries."" ——AFP reported: Bird flu epidemic is 'worst in history'

One expert said that it could be a thousand times worse than SAARS.

From what we have learned or can learn from those above, our loving Creator has provided a way that we may abide the day and not have to fear any disease, so that the "destroying angel will pass us by." Simple things like eating a carrot a day and eating sprouts – especially alfalfa will help to move the body’s health balance to where it can resist this pernicious "bird flu." The Lord’s law of health is a plant based diet – not a meat and dairy centered diet as most Americans eat. The photosynthesis process creates beautiful green vegetables in large variety. Eating them fresh moves the body’s pH to an alkaline state. They are alive and bring vitality and energy to those who will follow what the Lord has provided – moving us out of disease and into health and happiness. Also, problems with obesity naturally dissolve away. They "shall run and not be weary, and shall walk and not faint." (Isaiah 4::31; Doctrine and Covenants 89:20)

By following the Lord’s plan, we move out of fear and into love of Him, his creations, and into love and respect for each other and for the balance of nature and of our own bodies. We can then best serve Him and those around us.

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