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Peer Review/Critique by William A. Koldewyn, PhD

The following critique of David Allan's August '00 Transition Article is written by a professional from Ball Aerospace.  Dr. Koldewyn did not write it with public display in mind, but has agreed to its being posted here for the sake of open disclosure of reservations held by colleagues in the field.

Feedback on Allan UFT by William Koldewyn Ph.D.
Monday, September 11, 2000


Thanks for giving me the opportunity to comment. I apologize for taking so long to write a response but this has not been easy to write and work has been hectic as well. I have been working quite hard to finish two detectors {info(1) | info(2)} that will be put into the Hubble Space Telescope about November 2001. With those nearly done, I now need to complete the backup detectors. Nevertheless, when I received the updated version of the transition article, I knew I needed to complete my comments if they were to be of any value to you.

I am not sure where to start. I believe what is needed is not another supporter but rather someone who is willing to perform something akin to a peer review. As a professional scientist myself, I will try to remain objective. That is not necessarily easy since we have known each other for twenty plus years and I value our association and friendship. Nevertheless, I must tell you that I am troubled when I read these papers, especially when I compare them with your other writing such as the recent tech notes for HP. The tech notes are careful, detailed and precise. The others seem filled with a plethora of unsupported assertions and lack any detail that would allow another investigator to check either the theory or the experiments. It is hard for me to believe both were written by the same person. It is a "through the looking glass" experience to read them. The thought has crossed my mind that you are really just playing a joke on all of us, an Alan Sokal kind of trick. Time will tell. Meanwhile, I will assume you are serious and attempt to review what I read as objectively as I can. From a format standpoint, I will key off your transition article by inserting comments. I will put them in brackets and a different color but the color may not transfer well across word processors – I am using MS Word97 and I will also make a translation to WordPerfect 5.x for windows. At times I may jump to the other articles where you refer to them. I will try to make those jumps clear.

Exciting News for New Unified Field Theory (UFT): Write up now available; additional validation information and experiments.

26 August 2000


On 20 December 1999, we finished writing a paper entitled, "A Unified Field Theory and some Experimental Evidence" -- hereinafter called "Original UFT paper." We submitted this 31-page paper to Science Magazine for publication. Because the editors felt it to be a "string-theory" approach, they suggested that it be submitted to Physical Review or the like for consideration. Rather then pursue its publication, we have felt to make it available to the public at this time while pursuing additional research and experimental validations for the new UFT. We took this decision to accelerate the work and the introduction of this new UFT that others may more quickly participate in the research and utilization.

[In general, the UFT paper is not written as I would expect a scientific paper to be written and I can assure you (and I think you know it as well as I do) that a Journal like Physical Review would never publish it as it is. The paper asserts numerous seemingly unrelated ideas with absolutely no evidence or supporting logic. Some items are just plain bizarre. Do you seriously think that other scientists will give any credibility to someone who attempts to explain, using a unified field theory, why your hair may stand out after jumping on a trampoline? Perhaps this is an attempt at humor but I assure you that if there is one thing reviewers don’t have, it’s a sense of humor. Other items are just plain wrong. For example, the comments about heating the Earth from nuclear explosions and its relationship to global warming. Run the numbers! Whether or not you believe in man-induced global warming (and, based on a study of the data, I do not) this scenario does not work. If all the energy from all 2041 documented tests were simultaneously and instantaneously put into the Earth, its temperature would rise less than 0.5 nano-degrees Kelvin.]

On 16 March 2000, we finished writing a paper entitled, "New Gravitational Theory with Experimental Validation." The most significant aspect of this new theory is the discovery of diallel, gravitational- field lines. In this paper we report an experiment constructed in such a way as to contrast the classical theory with the new theory. Simple pendulum clocks were used as the gravitational-field detectors. Under the experimental configuration, the new theory predicts a clock slowing while classical theory predicts a very slight speeding up due to a mass being introduced underneath a pendulum clock. We observed clock slowing consistent with the new theory that depends upon energy density and not just the mass.

[March 24 paper][Perhaps it’s a nit, but the use of the word "discovered" is inappropriate. For example, Robert Dicke did not say he had discovered a scalar part of the gravitational field rather, he proposed the idea and showed the theoretical consequences of a scalar-tensor theory vs. a purely tensor formulation.]

[Also, I can’t follow your equations. Density and energy are usually scalars so without an example or more explanation, the equations are difficult or impossible to interpret. In any case, it would be helpful if you would use conventional notation rather than invent a new one. In equation 2, force is obviously a vector but it is unclear how the product of two integrals of tensors (shown here as scalars) over volumes results in a vector. It also seems from equation 1, that G should be squared.]

[I see no way that the assertion in the first sentence of section 3 can follow from the equations.]

[The equations (1, 2) describe a two-body interaction whereas the experiment in section 4 appears to be a three-body interaction where the attraction of two bodies (the earth and the pendulum) is modified by the presence of a third body, the High-Energy Density Object (HEDO). Your equations don’t appear to describe this case.]

[The heterodyne approach to data collection is clever though I think similar to what others have used in previous pendulum measurements of g. However, I think your use of synchronous detection is incorrect. The point of synchronous detection is to modulate the signal and not the noise and thereby be able to separate them. One likely source of noise is base motion and tipping caused by moving massive objects. By moving the high-energy density object from one pendulum to the other, you have probably modulated the noise as well as any possible signal. Therefore, the signal you extracted is very probably demodulated noise – at least in part.]

[How can you claim that the data are consistent with a 5th power law when you only have two, perhaps three data points? Mathematically, that makes no sense.]

In addition, the original UFT paper predicted that between the first part of May 2000 and the middle of June 2000 "... The possibility of increased radio and electromagnetic transmission interference, the possibility of increased weather activity, the possibility of increased volcanic and earthquake activity, the Aurora Borealis should be large…" The new UFT shows how diallel lines couple energy from the sun to the earth. Since we are near solar maximum, part of these predictions naturally follow. However, the new UFT predictions that all of these activities would be at a significantly higher level than would be naturally expected from classical theory. Since these predictions have been basically validated, this adds one more validation to our list.

It has been particularly interesting that the solar sunspot level has continued to rise significantly after the May-June time frame of this year. In the new theory, one of the uncertainties in the prediction of sun spot activity is our lack of knowledge of the future magnetic field intensities of all the planets. Last year as we modeled and predicted sun-spot levels, one particular model we used, and which fit the historic data well, gave predictions that fit this year’s sun spot level better than the model decided upon. We chose a more conservative model than this particular model, and with 20/20 hindsight, we chose wrong. Working the new UFT backwards would imply that the magnetic field intensity taken across the planets (particularly the gas planets) has increased significantly more than our conservative model would give.

[Back to this paper][The problem with the above comments is that there is nothing unusual about this particular Solar Max. I have followed it with some interest inasmuch as I was the Ball program manager for UVCS, an instrument on the SOHO spacecraft at L1. Nothing I have read would suggest that this Solar Max is outside expectations. It is worth remembering that we have observed only three cycles with anything close to this level of detail. OSO1 was March 1962.

With these two validations added to our list, plus seven additional validations (outlined below) uncovered since the writing of the original UFT paper, this brings the total to 43 validations for this new UFT. There were 34 experiments and/or novel explanations listed in the original paper in support of this new UFT.

[I thought I saw 47 items. Anyway, of the items listed, two of them are, in my opinion, appropriate. Those are 1 and 43. The first is the subject of the paper and 43 is the only one which offers any possibility of demonstrating a predictive calculation and supporting (or refuting) experimental data.]

Also, in the original UFT paper we outlined 13 additional experiments -- two of which have now been completed -- that further validate the new UFT. Listed below are nine additional experiments. Hence, we now have 20 suggested experiments that could be performed to test and/or utilize this new UFT.

We now make this original UFT paper available to the public on our website []. In addition, we are combining the 16 March 2000 paper with some new experimental results on diallel line bending. This combined paper is being prepared for publication.


Before listing additional validations, we will give a very brief explanation of this new unified field theory. Those desiring more are referred to the original UFT paper now available on our website. By way of review, this new theory shows how all of the force fields work together. In 1905, Einstein suggested the particle nature of light. In 1924, de Broglie suggested the wave nature of particles. In 1928, Bohr suggested that a complete knowledge of phenomena on atomic dimensions requires a description of both wave and particle properties. Following these suggestions and supporting experimentation, it has been believed that it is impossible to simultaneously observe both the wave and particle aspects in a single experiment of either a particle or a photon. This new UFT provides great insight into the wave and particle nature of all entities and their inter-relationship.

One of the most significant discoveries in this new unified field theory is the existence of diallel, gravitational-field lines. This new UFT describes how every entity has a set of diallel lines emanating outward from it. These diallel lines carry the wave nature of particles and the particle nature of waves or photons. Hence, the dual nature of matter is built into this new UFT. Much of this is outlined in the original UFT paper. For example, the diallel lines extending out from the earth couple with the diallel lines of a human being to create the gravitational attraction that is felt.

We have conducted experiments demonstrating the existence of these diallel lines. [I would have to disagree. The existence is not demonstrated, at least to my satisfaction.] Other experiments are under way that will show the nature, and characteristics of these diallel lines. The theory provides some extremely important information about the characteristics of nature with many new physical insights. But most profound are the spiritual insights in how these diallel lines function as part of the creation process. For example, we learn from this new UFT that particle and information flow are not limited by the velocity of light. There are no such things as gravitons. We have learned how gravity works and that antigravity transport is possible. We have learned that these diallel lines are conduits for all of the force fields and for all of the information and particle flow throughout the universe.

[The above assertions are fascinating but neither the equations you put forward nor any experiments performed or proposed seem to even hint at these consequences.]


Since we wrote the original UFT paper in December of last year, the following seven experiments and/or validations have already been conducted and/or have come to our attention. These are helpful as we are still learning coefficients for the new theory. From these measurements and validations we can now better make predictions.

1) Observations made at the National Physical Research Institute in 1955 by Mishra and Rao [Mishra, 1997] reveal variations of the gravitational field during the time of a solar eclipse. They observed over about a 20 minute period a peak to peak variation of about 1e-8 cm/s^2. Similar observations by others followed those of Mishra and Rao. The new theory shows that field enhancements occur when three body alignments take place. During this time, the diallel lines between all three bodies line up. The UFT field equation of this case gives rise to a gravitational field modification. A solar eclipse is a classic case in point. The effects observed by Mishra and Rao are nicely explained by the new theory in the dynamics and in the augmentation arising from the diallel lines lining up -- giving rise to a dispersion curve in the gravitational potential.

[I have read four of Mishra’s papers (95, 96, 96,98) but he made no reference to this observation. In any case, at 1X10-8 cm/s2 he would be operating at 1 part in 1011 of g, which is at the optimistic edge of his capability according to his own paper. Also, it is unclear to me how UFT predicts such an effect or what sign it should be.]

2) Also at the time of solar eclipses, deviations of the plane of oscillation of a Foucault pendulum are observed. These were first observed on 30 June 1954 and again on 20 to October 1959, and were reported by Nobel Prize winner Maurice Allais. Since then others have observed similar effects. In the equation for the rate of rotation of the plane of oscillation of a Foucault pendulum, there are three independent terms that determine that rate. They are the spin rate of the earth, the latitude of the pendulum, and the gravitational field. From the equation of motion, one can observe that a change in the spin rate of the earth has the same effect as a change in the gravitational field on the rate of change of the plane of oscillation of a Foucault pendulum. Hence, this experiment and observation as with 1) above, is consistent with the new theory since a modification in the gravitational field is predicted. A speeding up of the Foucault pendulum oscillation plane has been observed; with additional care, both a speeding up followed by a slight slowing down is predicted by the new UFT.

[It is probably worth mentioning that Allais got the Nobel Prize in economics but then Cavendish was also a minister – some people do more that one thing. I do wonder about Allais’ experience identifying systematic errors. The effect he saw was very large. And again, it is unclear to me how UFT predicts such an effect or what sign it should be. The comment that: "From the equation of motion, one can observe that a change in the spin rate of the earth has the same effect as a change in the gravitational field on the rate of change of the plane of oscillation of a Foucault pendulum." is incorrect. To first order, at least, the value of g has no affect on the rate of rotation of the pendulum’s plane of oscillation. (See Fowles, Analytical Mechanics; Landau & Lifshitz, Mechanics; Goldstein, Classical Mechanics) Besides, with Mishra, the effect is in the noise whereas with Allais the effect changes by more than an order of magnitude – how can both be consistent with UFT?]

3) A correlation has been observed between the magnetic field orientation of the planet Uranus and the occurrence of earthquakes. The planet Uranus is unique in that its magnetic field axis is at right angles to its spin axis. According to the new theory, the diallel lines going between Uranus and the earth, and which carry the gravitational attraction information between these two bodies, have the gravitational information flow modulated in its intensity by the magnetic field orientations of these two bodies. Because of the unique magnetic field vector direction of the planet Uranus, the principal modulation of the gravitational attraction is due to the magnetic field orientation of the vector for Uranus. In addition, according to the new theory, the electron flow between these two bodies is also modulated by the same vector. These effects can induce gravitational field gradients on the earth, which in turn increase the probability of disturbances, such as earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.

[I believe the magnetic dipole of Uranus rotates about the Uranus / Sun line with a period of hours not days or years so such a correlation seems unlikely. Beside, again, it is unclear how UFT relates even if such a correlation were found.]

4) Mr. Michael K. Lee, a high school teacher in Hawaii, has uncovered a correlation between the occurrence of earthquakes and solar or lunar eclipses. His web site is Observing the shadow of the moon over the planet’s subduction zones and faults, he has correlated these lunar movements with the historical database of earthquakes that have been recorded over the last 2000 years. Mr. Lee made 70 predictions over the last two years at an accuracy rate of 40 percent. The new UFT explains why Mr. Lee’s technique works. In the new theory there are two considerations relevant to this situation. First, the alignment of three significant bodies (the earth, moon, and the sun) brings about a gravitational field enhancement, as the diallel lines between these three bodies become parallel. Second, the dynamics involved bringing the three bodies in and out of alignment brings about a dispersion curve behavior in the gravitational field. Hence, there is a significant gravitational field gradient as the bodies come in and out of alignment. Clearly, the induced gravitational field gradients provide a very plausible mechanism for triggering earthquake and volcanic activity.

[Because maximum strain in the crust due to earth tides is associated with eclipses (like maximum ocean tides are) scientists have for years tried to correlate quakes with eclipses. As far as I know, no one has succeeded. If Mr Lee really has something, a lot of people should be very interested. How does this relate to UFT?]

5) According to the new UFT, when a high energy-density source is placed on the earth, the diallel lines of the earth will be bent inward slightly toward the axis of symmetry like light through a lens. Placing a pendulum clock above this high energy-density source results in pendulum clock slowing due to diallel-line bending according to this new UFT. This experiment has been conducted with affirmative results and is in preparation for publication.

[This describes a three-body interaction – the equations don’t seem to deal with that case. The HEDO effectively reduces local g – acts like shielding. I made other comments earlier.]

6) Direct evidence of diallel-line coupling has been recently observed between the earth and the sun. One correlating aspect is observed by looking at the weather patterns on the earth on any given day and then by looking at how that correlates with the location of the sunspots on the face of the sun. One often observes aspects of a mirror image, as the new UFT would predict. (See the original UFT paper for more details on how this coupling takes place, and see:

[Show the data. I have never heard of any such correlation.]

7) The new UFT predicts an interesting interaction between electrons flowing in diallel lines and photons orthogonally intersecting these electrons. If these diallel-line electrons are in an excited diallel-line quantum state such that their de Broglie like wavelengths are resonant with the orthogonal, monochromatic laser photons, then an interaction probability takes place in a nonlinear environment, e.g. the face of a laser reflecting mirror. This interaction results in blue shifted reflected photons and UV radiation orthogonal to both the photon direction and the diallel, gravitational-field lines. We conducted this experiment at BYU on 21 August 2000 and detected the UV radiation coming from the diallel-line quantum transition. This is the first experiment of its kind and a publication is in process.


[This could be an interesting result. I look forward to seeing more detail such as the theoretical calculation tying the experimental result to the theory, where exactly the light was emitted, what the wavelength of the light was, its temporal relationship to the energy pulse, the nature and size of the pulse, the experimental setup, precautions against light-leaks and other potential systematic errors, etc.]


Here, we briefly outline nine additional experiments beyond those discussed in the previously mentioned paper. Some of these are being pursued at the present time. For those wishing to pursue any of these experiments, please contact our website and additional information will be given to help you set up the experiment in a successful way.

We are also in the process at this time of designing an experiment that will allow the observation of the dual nature of matter in the same experiment. We have already gained significant insights in the process of setting this up, and we anticipate that this will provide a very important understanding of the new physics associated with this new UFT.

A brief conceptual outline of the nine experiments mentioned is given below:

1) In the new UFT, a plumb-bob follows the diallel lines that define the local vertical. Hence, the bending of diallel lines could be observed interferometrically by measuring the movement of a laser mirror suspended by a string and acting as a plumb-bob. At the edge of a high energy-density source, the diallel lines are bent inward. The amount of bending above a fully charged 12-volt car battery, for example, when all the facets of the theory are taken into account is of the order of a microradian. With care this could be measured. This experiment is in process and preliminary and affirmative results have been obtained.

[The measurement is not all that difficult especially if you use the technique I wrote to you about earlier. That is essentially the method used by Mishra in his pendulum. I describe it in detail in my thesis (1976) and Cook used something similar many years earlier. I have wondered if this system conserves energy – or perhaps makes it. By rotating a balanced disk, at resonance with the plumb bob, with a region of high-energy density, one should be able to pump the amplitude and hence add energy to the system. Where does the energy come from? Since this is again a three body problem, I don’t see how UFT deals with it.]

2) The equation for the gravitational force in the new UFT is a function of the energy density. Hence, a slight increase in weight occurs for a high energy density source compared to that predicted by classical theory. A very sensitive mechanical balance scale could be made to make this measurement. By changing the energy density on one side the balance will be modified. Unknowingly, this experiment has been done in part by NASA, JPL [J. Anderson, et. al] as they reported and "extra tug" toward the sun on some spacecraft. In the new theory, this extra gravitational attraction is due to the presence of a high energy-density power supply to power the spacecraft.

[Is the HEDO in the pan or under the pan of the balance? If in the pan, I think the experiment has been done with a null result. However, I don’t know what sensitivity you require. NIST can, I believe, compare 1kg masses at a few parts in 1010 – perhaps a little better. If the HEDO is under the pan this result would directly contradict the clock rate experiment.

3) The GPS satellite clocks pass directly between the earth and the sun every six months. Since during this eclipse, the diallel lines for the sun, the satellite, and the earth are parallel, there will be a modification of the gravitational field at the satellite. Since the clocks are sensitive to the gravitational potential, there will be relativistic frequency shift and hence a time shift of the clocks during the eclipse. The size of the effect may be too small to be measured with the existing clocks on-board the satellites. Some of the clocks now being designed for space may be have high enough performance to show this effect.

[This is where you are most expert. What magnitude and sign shift do you calculate? Since only one satellite is exactly between the sun and earth at any moment, there ought to be a differential measurement and synchronous demodulation technique to improve the signal to noise ratio. Also, why doesn’t the anti eclipse position have the same effect?]

4) The interaction of photons orthogonal to the direction of the diallel lines is extremely interesting in this new theory. As there are quantum levels in the elements, so there are quantum levels in the diallel lines. The quantum levels in the atoms nominally have spherical symmetry while the diallel lines nominally have cylindrical symmetry. As there are de Broglie wavelengths for the electrons in an atom, so there are wavelengths for the diallel-line electrons. We have chosen to call these NED waves, named after Niels Bohr, Albert Einstein, and Louis de Broglie. In the new UFT, the photons have a probability of interacting with these NED waves on a properly prepared reflecting surface. Placing a Fabry-Perot interferometer directly over a high energy-density source with highly monochromatic laser photons driving the Fabry-Perot cavity orthogonal to the diallel lines, then as the photons interact with the diallel-line electron NED waves on the surface of the Fabry-Perot mirrors, they will be blue shifted -- deriving energy from the excited diallel-line electrons. The Fabry-Perot cavity increases the probability of interaction because of the multiple reflections of the laser photons. In addition, a very slight quantum phase shift occurs because of the slight slowing of the velocity of light in a vacuum because of the higher density of diallel lines according to the new theory. As part of the quantum transition, UV radiation is also emitted. Hence, three effects can be observed from this experiment: both a phase-shift and a frequency-shift of the laser photons along with UV emissions. This also may be the first experiment to show that the velocity of light is not constant in a vacuum. In addition, this experimental configuration provides the opportunity of frequency division from the optical region of the spectrum to the RF region. This is extremely important for atomic clock metrology.

[Most lasers are just Fabry-Perot cavities with appropriate excited media in them (HeNe for example). That being the case, one could do an extraordinarily sensitive measurement by beating two stabilized lasers against each other – one near a HEDO the other not.]

5) As perturbing effects have been observed on the rotation rate of a Foucault pendulum during a solar eclipse, so should there be effects during a lunar eclipse. The effects will be smaller, but with care they could be measured.

[I agree that if there is an effect for a solar eclipse there should also be an effect for a lunar eclipse but I see no reason why it should be substantially different. Whether there is an effect at all remains to be determined.]

6) Similar to 5), as perturbing effects have been observed in the gravitational field during a solar eclipse, so should there are effects during a lunar eclipse. The effects will be smaller, but with additional care and setting up the experiments properly, these effects could be measured.

[See earlier comment.]

7) Correlations have been observed between the magnetic field direction of the planet Uranus and earthquake activity. As has been mentioned, this is consistent with the new UFT. In addition, the theory predicts a correlation between the same magnetic field vector of the planet Uranus and the level of sun spot activity. (See the original UFT paper for more details)

[See earlier comment.]

8) The magnetic fields of gas planets are significantly larger than that of the earth. Since the attraction between two bodies is a function of their energy densities, the attraction of the moons of these gas planets will be a function of the magnetic field energy stored within each of the planets. Since the periods of the moons of the planets can be measured quite accurately, a change in the periods should have a term that correlates with changes in the magnetic field energy stored in the planet. This same measurement could be made with the earth moon system -- though the effects would be smaller. However, the period of our moon is measured extremely accurately.

[It would also apply the orbital periods of the planets as affected by the magnetic field of the sun. I am unaware of any known variations in these periods but in any case it sounds like a difficult measurement since you also need to know the magnetic energy very well. But since the sun’s magnetic field flips every 11 years, (aprox.) should one look for an 11 or 22 year modulation in the planets’ orbital rates?]

9) Mercury pools are used in astronomy as mirrors. The orientation of the mirror is defined by the local zenith. In the new UFT, the local vertical is defined by the diallel lines. Placing a high energy-density source under a mercury-pool mirror, the mirror would take a slightly concave shape. Therefore, if a Fraunhofer wave of light impinged the surface of the mirror, it would reflect off nonparallel, and this could be detected. The surface of the mercury mirror would map out the diallel-line bending. For a car battery, for example, the bending on the edges of the mirror would be of the order of a micro-radian.

[You can produce the same effect by rotating the pool. So, the HEDO produces the equivalent of centrifugal force. This is really just a different implementation of a plumb bob.]

Gaining an understanding of this new UFT has lead to many exciting discoveries and insights. The general field equation given in the original UFT paper has lead to many of these insights and discoveries. However, we can see that we are still in the very beginnings of our understandings. We are just learning some coefficients so that calculations and predictions can be made. As we said in the conclusion of the above-cited paper, "Much more development is needed to fully appreciate this new unified field theory. Taken to its completion and used properly, we believe it could greatly bless the inhabitants of the earth."

The work will progress much more rapidly if others will join in the experimentation and in developing understanding of the theory of how these diallel lines function. We have set up our website as a catalyst to this end. Some recent developments have occurred that are very exciting, but they cannot be shared at this time. As soon as they are properly written up, we will share them on our website.

Our work has been greatly assisted by friends and colleagues as they have discovered and shared information consistent with the new UFT. This is another reason for the website so that such information and discoveries can be openly shared. We deeply appreciate the support we have enjoyed from family, friends, and colleagues. They have provided much useful information and have contributed much.

[You are to be commended for your willingness to subject your hypotheses to experimental verification. That is the way of science and the only way to know the truth in such matters. It is, however, important to not try to explain every experimental or observational anomaly with UFT. When you do, it starts to sound like snake oil. Most anomalies are anomalies. Experimenters make mistakes and often don’t completely understand their apparatus. Materials and equipment sometimes do things we never figure out. So, stick with the easy to understand and implement. Publish the theory in detail so that other experimenters can do the calculations, do the experiments and confirm the hypotheses (or not). If a few people get consistent positive results, that base will generate a huge interest across the entire physics community.]

[To be honest, I doubt that these effects are real. (Which makes me one of the better people to make the measurements.) The experimental techniques seem much too casual and the search for and analysis of possible systematic errors appears to be totally absent. For his own protection, an experimenter must be skeptical of his own work – everyone else will. It’s much better to find your own mistakes. Nevertheless, I have an open mind and would gladly perform some experiments myself – assuming I have enough information to do the calculations, make quantitative predictions and the predicted effects are within my ability to discern.]

We have felt the blessings of the Creator in understanding a small aspect of that which he has created. We have been given a glimpse of the harmony and purposes thereof. We have seen enough to see that the long-term ramifications of this new UFT are enormous -- both as it effects society and as it effects each of us individually. Our goal in regard to this new UFT is to see that it is used to maximum benefit of humankind as understandings, insights, and applications evolve.

We have seen a fulfillment of Goethe’s great insight, when creative ideas are received and acted upon. He said, "that the moment one definitely commits oneself... [to follow this path of truth] Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way." We thank all of those who have assisted so significantly, and especially we thank the hand of Providence.

[One almost never hears any reference to the Creator in scientific writings – and that is a shame. While I don’t believe that belief in God is necessary to do good science, having humility helps one view one’s own work honestly and accept the possibility of error. My personal belief that free agency is a fundamental law prevents be from believing that God just hands out truth with no effort. The real blessing is that we have intelligence and have been placed in a rational universe that operates according to laws. Therefore, with work and patience we can figure out, bit by bit, how things work.

At the end of my thesis I put a quote from Sir John Pringle (1775) which says it quite well: "But so transcendently great is that part of the creation, that though the Divine Author has vouchsafed, in these latter days, to open to the humble and patient inquirers into Nature the Causes of Things; yet we must still cry with the ancient sage, Lo, these are part of His ways, but how little a portion is heard of them!"]

I send this intending it to be constructive and helpful – hopefully it will be.


Bill Koldewyn

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