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New Unified Field Theory Discussion

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Re: Albert Einstein's "The Unified Field Theory."

Name: Kent Benjamin Robertson
Category: General Comment


GRAVITY IS THE 4th DIMENSION Electricity Is The 5th Dimension. Magnetism Is The 6th Dimension. The Reinstatement Of Einstein's Presently Abandoned Unified Field (Steady State) Theory In 20,000 Words: Without Mathematics (More Powerful than Money, Politics, Sex, Violence and/or War) *Copyright © December 1999 by Kent Benjamin Robertson, (*Previous copyrights 1959, '60, '66, '70, '79 & '85.) Previous editions entitled The New Gravity and EXTRATERRESTRIAL PHYSICS 101

The Big Bang Theory is wrong. 'Entropic Heat Death' is a myth. Black Holes are 4 dimensionally contracting singularities.

Caution: Contents may be hazardous to or cause drowsiness in conceptually disordered and/or attention-span handicapped persons.

"In 1916, Albert Einstein published his General Relativity, a mathematical theory of gravitation which replaced Newtonian concepts with abstractions so difficult that it took a decade even for most mathematicians to grasp them. The essence of Einstein's theory was that the presence of matter distorts space and makes it curve. The concept of space curvature stemmed from many dimensional, non-straight-line geometry created abstractly through equations. Just as a surface can curve in ordinary 3-Dimensional space, so in non-Euclidean geometry a 3-Dimensional space can itself curve in 4-dimensional space. No one can visualize such a curved space because humanity is not 4-Dimensional..." - LIFE Science Library, THE UNIVERSE, p. 179

"When events occur in 3-Dimensional Space it is not possible to draw an actual graph of 4-Dimensional space-time, but mathematicians have ways of handling such graphs without actually drawing them." - Martin Gardner, RELATIVITY FOR THE MILLION, p. 98

"The 4-Dimensional world of relativistic physics is the world where force and matter are unified; where matter can appear as discontinuous particles or as a continuous field. In these cases, however, we can no longer visualize the unity very well. Physicists can 'experience' the 4-Dimensional space-time world throughout the abstract mathematical formalism of their theories, but their visual imaginations - like everybody else's - is limited to the 3-Dimensional world of the senses. Our language and thought patterns have evolved in this 3-Dimensional world and therefore we find it extremely hard to deal with the 4-Dimensional reality of Relativistic Physics." - Fritjov Capra, THE TAO OF PHYSICS, P 150

"This concept is very difficult to visualize. It is a consequence of the 4-Dimensional space-time character of the sub-atomic world and neither our intuition nor our language can deal with this image very well." - Capra, THE TAO OF PHYSICS, p. 80

"In the General Theory of Relativity, the framework of the Special Theory is extended to include gravity. The effect of gravity, according to General Relativity, is to make space-time curved. This, again, is extremely hard to imagine. We can easily imagine a 3-Dimensionally curved surface, such as the surface of an egg. The meaning of the word 'curvature' for 2-Dimensional curved surfaces is thus quite clear; but when it comes to 3-Dimensional space - let alone 4-Dimensional space-time - our imagination abandons us. Since we cannot look at 3-Dimensional space 'from outside', we cannot imagine how it could be 'bent' in some direction." - Ibid, p. 173 "The reader is cautioned against concluding that time is an additional physical dimension in the sense that it can be seen and felt like a material object. No one in our universe can see in 4 Dimensions or more because of the way our universe is constructed." - James A. Coleman, RELATIVITY FOR THE LAYMAN, p. 69 ........................ NOTE: All of the above authorities proclaim that the 4th Dimension is non-mathematically 'incomprehensible', even 'unimaginable'. 'Very difficult', 'Extremely hard', 'We can no longer visualize'. 'Because humanity is not 4-Dimensional'.

Readers are cautioned against concluding that these authorities are right, and encouraged to read the following discourse, and draw their own non-mathematically facilitated conclusions.

"There is nothing new about Newton's Classical Mechanical gravity or Einstein's 4th dimension of time, except preeminent non-mathematical proof that they are one and the same. The New Gravity Is The 4th Dimension." - K.B. Robertson, Ibid.

"It's still the same old universe, but gravity is the 4th dimension of that same old universe. I'm grateful for the indelible change in my perception of it. It may be impossible to overstate the importance of this book. The one, two three and X Y Z of comprehensive infinity." - Mark Stephan Halfon, Ph.D., Philosophy, Brooklyn, New York. 1977

"An ambitious new treatise on the otherwise seasoned subjects of Space & Time. We are not qualified to evaluate it, but are pleased to see it in this ('comic book') format." - THE WHOLE EARTH CATALOGUE, Portola Institute, 1971 "An unprecedented and awesomely credible non-mathematical theory which matter-of-factly proves that gravity is the 4th dimension of time, then forthwith discovers the previously unrecognized - therefore unidentified - 5th & 6th dimensions of electricity and magnetism." - Dr. John Shaw, Chemistry Prof. 1971, University Of California @ Berkeley

"Gravity Is The 4th Dimension' - A documentary scientific 'Future Shock'. Overwhelming. Major conceptual breakthrough. It must be disqualified or formally acknowledged at the foundations of modern theoretical physics; there is no middle ground. So advanced it's simple." - Mark Vukovic, Electronics Tech, U.S.N. USS Shasta (AE-33), San Francisco, CA.

"This book has clearly made a formerly mystified theoretical physics truly comprehensible to anyone with high school reading skills and 'street people' in general. Beyond its overt revolutionary scientific import, the social implications are also profound. Bound to surprise and constructively influence an enormous number of people for a very long time. Ignoring or denying it won't make it go away. Now I know what E=MC squared means." - Don Donahue, original printer and publisher of ZAP Comix, San Francisco

"Gravity really is the 4th dimension, and levity and mirth use to be the 5th and 6th dimensions, until K.B. Robertson proved them to be electricity & magnetism, respectively." - Herb Caen, The San Francisco CHRONICLE "Not without levity, the sharp shooting author expertly documents his academic and historical subject; then - suddenly - the reader is experientially surrounded by it. There is no intellectual escape from the 4-D space-time continuum anymore, in or out of an ignorant or uninterested yawn. The very act of reading these words is directly and physically sustained by it. Observing various responses of others, in the early stages of recognizing it, is a recreation in itself. The documentary is scientifically irreproachable, the informal narrative is a social liberation. The Fascist elements don't like it already." - Sallie Taylor Melinda Bryan, 1979 "Academic L.S.D. in a Stockholm punchbowl, and everybody's invited. Ready or not there is no way out of this but through it. A scientific Odyssey. The most remarkable fact about 'The New Gravity' is that it was not discovered and written fifty or more years ago." - Gregory Nageotte, Ph.D. Philosophy, Santa Barbara, CA. 1979

"I am unable to disqualify it." - Dr. Richard Feynman, 1966, Professor Emeritus, Cal Tech "It reads a hell of a lot more easily and comprehensively than anything else of the subject of Einstein's Relativity. Reads at least as easily as the brass tacks section of any good sci. fi. mag., and it is not science fiction." - Travis T. Hipp, KSAN radio, San Francisco, 1970

"The old saw, 'There is no gravity, the earth sucks', is no longer tractable. The New Gravity (Is The 4th Dimension) is the old gravity, in a pushy new paradigm of Einstein's 4 dimensional space-time continuum. Guaranteed to illuminate even the most diffident mind. It will chancelessly see you and raise you indefinitely. The New Gravity will never let you down." - Arthur Kretchmer, 1979, Article Editor, PLAYBOY Magazine 'Is gravity really the 4th dimension? Or has the author only cleverly built his theory around reality so that no one can tell the difference? ' - K.B. Robertson, Ibid EINSTEIN’S presently abandoned UNIFIED FIELD THEORY: Reinstated, without mathematics. *Copyright © December 1999 by Kent Benjamin Robertson, (*Previous copyrights 1959, '60, '66, '70, '79 & '85.) By Kent Benjamin Robertson

Public Internet/Web access *forum. (*A public place or medium for open discussion.)

Anyone here may contribute whatever disagreement or validation they choose. The direct internet/web links to the reinstatement of Einstein's presently abandoned Unified Field Theory w'out mathematics begins at (You are here) (refer ), or,

Thousands of readers of the forty year copyrighted and small press published reinstatement of Einstein's Unified Field w'out mathematics (The New Gravity / Gravity Is The 4th Dimension) have shared this remarkable recognition and often added to it.

This major contribution to physical science isn't on this web site to test the waters. The work is well known to an acknowledged limited, relatively modest international audience. It has yet to be disqualified, only augmented and further confirmed. Disqualification doesn't seem likely, but would resolve rather than introduce problems. The sincere reader will find non religiously affiliated absolute retribution here, with moral and legal justice.

The featured work in theoretical physics has been confined to small press production and distribution, for political reasons intruding in the sanctuary of science. As long as Theoretical Physics can be compromised: anything can be compromised. (Refer, 'tolerance threshold expansion'.) Generally controlled wider avenues of communication deprive the general public from even an opportunity to know of and consider the non-mathematical perspective of Einstein's work, which empowers non-scientifically educated people to understanding what is professionally labeled as incomprehensible. Meanwhile, the universal gravitation bonded cosmos prevails. A vehicle of edification, more powerful than money, politics, sex, violence and/or war... More powerful than the corporate state, or destructive or digressive elements of 'mainstream media'. Empowering everyone; beyond commerce, politics, money, extortion or intimidation.

Exactly why the mainstream media and the rogue corporate state that controls it has oppressed this work for over forty years - why it was much more obscurely known until it recently appeared on the internet/web (Which is an ongoing story of itself)...

A simple matter of recognizing what's long proven on the foundations of physical science, that gravity may move in the opposite direction - as a repelling, pushing force, as well as pulling force of attraction - non-mathematically offered in Newton's Preface to the Principia Mathematica. This 'gravitational alternative' relates directly to Einstein's General Principle Of Relativity.

Gravity is found in the dual role of a pulling force at long distances, and a pushing force on or near the surface of the material system from which it originates. Newton first offered it as a possibility; Einstein firstly confirmed that gravity is indeed acceleration - a pushing force, as clarified in the issued, unprecedented recognition of these long historied facts.

Nature at large only confirms the previously unrecognized points at issue. There's not much here to be argued, though arguments are welcome. A matter of better understanding what you already knew about.

The Big Bang theory ignores the 4th dimension because it disqualifies the Big Bang - 'creationist beginning' theory. The Big Bang is the status quo, and the status quo is politics, glibly eclipsing scientific method. Steady State open range may be metaphorically strange, but barbed wire is an intrusively man-made boundary. Whereas, there are no macrocosmic or microcosmic ends or beginnings; no physical boundaries. No absolute surfaces. A universe without Einstein's 4th dimension of time is a universe bereft of motion of any kind. Einstein united space ‘and’ time to find them ‘space-time’. Time is a moving proposition and all three recognized dimensions of space, says Einstein, must perforce move with time. There seems to be a scientific consensus acknowledging the fourth dimension of time, but there is definitely a complete absence of recognition of how that dimension manifests in or otherwise relates to reality in the existential and/or human experience.

Space may be generally amorphous (not counting the structure of ubiquitous electromagnetism); nearly empty, or occupied by ‘particles’ of matter (charges of electricity having only apparent surfaces) ranging from thin air to extremely dense considerations such as U-238, or the core of Jupiter or the Sun (for local examples).

Note that Einstein is most lauded - and least understood - in Theoretical Physics as it applies to astronomy, geology, metallurgy and all physical extensions of nearly empty space (‘There is no space empty of field’. - Einstein. Therefore there is no altogether empty space), which there’s plenty of even in the most dense manifestations of matter.

Einstein found all of occupied and unoccupied space to be four dimensional, and to have been four dimensional all along without having previously been recognized. Certainly the unrecognized four dimensional dynamic is ubiquitous - not being a question of where it is, but unexpectedly challenging its audience to consider the problem of finding a space that is not (conspicuously) four dimensionally dynamic (- all of the known, though incompletely understood -) effects of gravity.

Perhaps an attendance of this forum will show the error of what so far proves to be conclusive, previously unrecognized evidence that Newton's gravity, in concordance with time, is Einstein's 4 dimensional space-time continuum. More likely that this work will grow, as it has in the past, with the contributions of its readers. Any given reader may find affirmation - perhaps contradiction - that this author's never thought of. Note: EXTRATERRESTRIAL PHYSICS 101 is a title copyrighted and published in 1979; inspired by a reader of a previous edition of *GRAVITY IS THE 4th DIMENSION, asking if it's possible that evolved extraterrestrials know * that. The author replied (in a copyrighted publication, the 5th, 601 page edition of this work) that he thinks it may be the 1st college course in ET physics - Extraterrestrial Physics 101. The question inspired the response and the response became the title of the 5th - copyright 1979 - edition of Gravity Is The 4th Dimension. Entire cities and populations are witness to this. Like The New Gravity: Is The 4th Dimension, EXTRATERRESTRIAL PHYSICS 101 has been 'borrowed' by numerous others; sprinkled all over the internet / web since early 2000; held out as original work, excluding this original author.

Some filchers are recently on the net, saying 'Gravity Is The 4th Dimension' is 'stolen from Einstein'. This is particularly interesting, because this is being said by vainly motivated boucaniers who are boldly attempting to steal it from this author. (Be still my foolish heart?) Ergo, Einstein 'stole' ('mirrored-derorrim') his work from Michelson & Morley, Maxwell stole his work from Faraday and Hertz, in a chain of poaching by Newton, Kepler, Copernicus, Aristophanes, who stole the work of Democritus, and so on.

Meanwhile, Newton clarified: "If I have seen further than others, it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants." Discoveries are validated, or disqualified, by relating to preceding discoveries - and discoverers.

Were it not for the contributions of Einstein, Maxwell, Newton, Copernicus, and so many others, this author would not have realized Newton's gravity is Einstein's 4-D space-time continuum; would not have recognized electricity is the 5th dimension, and magnetism the 6th; would not have been able to further disprove the already self-disqualified Big Bang Theory (is wrong). Could not explain the causality of so called 'black holes'. Copyrights and small press publications of GRAVITY IS THE 4th DIMENSION go back to 1959, '69, '79 & '99. When anyone comes up with a copyright - and tens of thousands of readership witnesses all over the world - preceding 1959, then it’s rightfully theirs. Otherwise such variously motivated aspirants are more a source of entertainment than edification.

Of course the discoveries of this record are there for anyone to realize, with or without the influence of this charted course of discoveries. Whereas, under the circumstances, imitation is more a likelihood than coincidence, and the former is the highest form of compliment. Except when the imitation graduates to contrived plagiarization, when the contriving pretender knowingly excludes the name of the original author/artist/sculpture. One such usurper installed a public forum web site at entitled: EXTRATERRESTRIAL PHYSICS 101, where the fugitive host says he has permission to use the work; boldly resorts to coarse name-calling; holds out and otherwise directly implies this author's work as his own. Downloads extensive pages of verbatim material lifted directly out of this book (and four other editions); simultaneously excluding this author’s name and posting his own - Brian Kirk Parquette, whose ‘personal profile quote’ at his sequestered web site says ‘Gravity is the 4th spatial dimension’. Whereas, this work was copyrighted, published and distributed, literally, before bkparque (for example) was born. Presently and smugly fighting gravity, history, copyright laws and Terms Of Service at and wherever else he may post his grandiosely impersonating delusions. Inviting co-dependent contention with this author. The same brigand has attacked Princeton University's Dr. Wheeler, on the Astronomy Net., using this author's name in the attack, while disingenuously and extensively lifting excerpts from this author's published and copyrighted title: NOMADS, CIVILIZATION & WAR; excluding this authors name from presentation of that work also. Parquette has also solicited ten dollars per hard cover copy of this free internet accessible work, and posted this authors name and address on the Astronomy Net.

Apart from imposing plagiarism, intrusive pretenders, brigands and sundry dissenters breathing air way over their pay grade, are also found proclaiming the author has 'satanistically turned gravity upside down.' Whereas, Newton and Einstein offer that the popular perspective of gravity may be upside down, as when the pre Copernican world geocentrically perceived the universe as revolving around the earth, instead of illusion caused by the earth's rotation.

'Truth is a sword, only to those who deny it.' - Anon.

Speaking of 'upside down and backwards' - the most popular form of satanism. Q. Who 1st said: "You can't beat the devil"?

Whereas, Einstein's achievements "...beckon like a liberation."

CONTENTS Introduction

Newton's Gravitational Alternative

Einstein's General Principle Of Relativity


The Four Dimensional Ultimatum.

Abandoned Proof That Matter Is An Expanding 4-D Field

4-D Mass-Field Doppler Effect

The Discovery And Identification Of The 5th & 6th Dimensions

The Unification Of Electromagnetism & Gravity

Einstein's ' Incomprehensible' 4-D Geodesics: Comprehended

The Unification Of Inertial & Gravitational Mass Values

E= MC2 Without Mathematics

The Sound Of 4-Dimensional Gravity

A Popular And Serious Misunderstanding About Space & Time

Non-Absolute Relativistic 4-D Space-Time And Time Dilation

Why: The Big Bang Theory Is Wrong

The Black Hole Singularity Controversy: Deciphered Without Mathematics

Another Familiar Yet Unrecognized And Frequently Denied Accelerating Expansion In Nature



THE BIG BANG THEORY IS WRONG Gravity Is The 4th Dimension Electricity Is The 5th Dimension. Magnetism Is The 6th Dimension. (In 20,000 Words Without Mathematics) * Copyright © December 1999 (*Previous copyrights 1959, '60, '66, '70, '79 & '85.) * By Kent Benjamin Robertson

Published by Great Continental Eurasian Green Grass RiverDragon Productions Unlimited


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